When it comes to storage solutions for your warehouse it is important to take into account a number of factors. How much space do you have? What size of products do you store? How much do they weigh? How easy is it for your employees to access stock fast?

At RackZone, our team of experts have the products, the technical knowledge and the experience to ensure you get the most from your available space. From design to installation our team will guide you through each step of the process, and make sure that you get a safe, reliable storage solution that adds real value to your operations.


How to choose the correct storage solution:

When choosing the right storage solution for your warehouse you need to look first at the items you intend to store. For example, Do you need to store heavy items like blocks or bags of cement? In that instance you will need a shelving system that is strong, sturdy and is capable of taking a large load capacity, in this case you may be looking at installing pallet racking.

If you are storing large quantities of parts, nuts and bolts for example, you will need to select a storage solution that consists of stable, sturdy shelving units that are capable of taking a good amount of weight. But you also need to consider how easy it is for your staff to access these items. So you might consider longspan or industrial shelving used in conjunction with tilt bins or parts bins.

You may also have a very varied stock, with large bulky items and smaller, lighter items all stored side by side. So you will need to ensure that the storage solution you implement is versatile enough to store containers of various sizes. In this instance you might opt for a mix of industrial shelving, built to take the weight of heavier items alongside lighter value shelving.


Industrial and Residential Shelving

Whatever your requirements, whether you are a builders merchants looking for storage with a high load capacity, or you are an ecommerce retailer looking to optimse your pick and pack operations, our industrial and residential shelving is perfect for your warehouse storage needs.. Each shelf in our range of units can take up to 400kg, and our team will take the time to listen to your business needs and ensure you get the shelving you require.


Pallet Racking

When it comes to optimising your warehouse storage capacity for palletised goods then pallet racking is the obvious answer. Having pallet racking installed in your warehouse gives you a versatile reliable storage solution capable of dealing with heavy items that require shelving with a high load capacity. As with all our clients we know that with any new pallet racking installation or upgrade the safety staff of your staff is of paramount importance. At RackZone our staff are experienced and well trained, and we are committed to ensure that any installation complies with the highest standards of safety and reliability. All our pallet racking products are inspected to ensure that they are in excellent structural condition and that they function properly.

Our various systems include adjustable pallet racking, cantilever, drive-in pallet racking. We also offer accessories such as support beams, wire mesh decking and upright protectors .

To find out more about our range of pallet racking systems


Long Span Shelving:

Of particular use for heavy duty racking systems is Long Span Racking, this is ideal for the storage of hand loaded items for manufacturing and warehousing. Longspan shelving is ideal in general for storing heavy, bulky items that require a shelving system that is safe and secure. Our longspan shelving comes pre assembled meaning that installation is simple and boltless. Each unit is designed and made from the highest quality steel and delivers a storage solution that is strong, durable and capable of providing safe storage for items that require a high shelf load capacity.

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When it comes to storage and racking solutions for any warehouse or storage facility in Ireland, we have the products and the expertise, to ensure you get the storage that meets the unique needs of your business, and complies with the highest standards of safety and reliability.

Our team of experts are here and ready to help you choose the best solution for your business, warehouse, or storage facility. To learn more about our versatile range of solutions and how our team can help contact us today.