A good-quality, reliable workbench is essential in many different areas of work. From large scale factories and garages to small carpentry or jewellery businesses, industrial workbenches can be used for a variety of different projects. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide of all you need to know about industrial workbenches, including their uses and how to choose the right workbench for your workspace. 


When to Use an Industrial Workbench?

The number of different uses for industrial workbenches really is endless. Traditionally, these workbenches would only have been seen in industrial warehouses and factories. However, nowadays with so many small, online fashion, craft and textile businesses taking off – the demand for these kinds of workbenches has increased and they are being used in a wider selection of industries. A small vintage clothing company, for example, may require workbenches to rework items of clothing or a jewellery designer may require a designated workspace to work on their craft. Contrary to their name, industrial workbenches do not need to be used only in industrial settings – they can be used for residential use too in garages, sheds and basements, for a variety of at home DIY projects.



How Do I Know Which Workbench to Use?

You might be wondering if an industrial-style workbench will meet the requirements of your project and workspace. Industrial workbenches are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of different uses – however, choosing the right one can be crucial. Before purchasing a workbench, ask yourself a few questions. What will I be using the bench for? Where in my warehouse or workspace will I be using it? Do I need a steel or wooden workbench? Are there any hazards that will impact the use of the workbench? These questions will all help to better understand which workbench will be best suited to you and your project to ensure value for money, a long-lasting workbench and an increase in productivity.

Lower working height options are better suited to heavier jobs, for example, as the lower centre of gravity increases stability and balance. More detailed or joinery work would be best suited to taller workbenches as it will prevent stooping which will lead to back problems. Generally, the heavier the objects are that you’ll be working with, the heavier the workbench should be to support these items. A heavy industrial workbench with galvanised steel will ensure that the bench is kept in place and will prevent any wobbling from occurring and putting the work or the workers in danger. This should be considered when choosing a material for your workbench. Workbenches can also be fitted with castors which means the bench can be wheeled to and from certain areas of a workplace. This is ideal for smaller locations where the workbench needs to be stored away while not being used.


Industrial Workbenches at RackZone.ie

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