The pick and pack process is a crucial warehouse process that should be optimised in orderto lead to more efficient order fulfilment and increased customer satisfaction. In this blogwe look at the definition of this process, some challenges associated with it and how thisprocess can be optimised in your warehouse using some of our solutions. 


What is the pick and pack process? 

The pick and pack process refers to the procedure of collecting ordered items from yourinventory and packing them quickly and efficiently for shipping. This process is one of thefirst and most crucial steps in the fulfilment process and must be performed with highefficiency to maintain a perfect order completion rate. The process begins with locating andpicking the ordered items accurately, with the second phase of the process involvingpackaging of the items in a secure fashion. 

Like all processes, the pick and pack process is not without its potential challenges.What are some challenges of the pick and pack process? 


Inaccurate record of inventory 

Having an inaccurate record of your inventory can lead to longer lead times as well as havingto cancel orders when items are no longer available. Any delays in order deliveries orunexpected delays in shipping reduces customer satisfaction and confidence. 


High turnaround times 

The turnaround time for the pick and pack process refers to the time taken to pick,consolidate and pack the order. This time can increase for a number of reasons includingincorrect stocking or an unorganised warehouse. Higher turnaround times lead to delays inshipping which ultimately leads to customer dissatisfaction. 


Lack of product information 

Missing product information such as number of SKUs, product groups and product sizes canlead to an inefficient pick and pack process as this data is crucial for performing the processeffectively. For example, missing details on the weight or fragility of a product can lead tounsecure packaging that is unable to withstand handling during shipping leading to adamaged product reaching the customer.


How can I optimise my pick and pack process? 

In order to optimise your pick and pack processes the challenges we referred to must beaddressed and resolved where possible. 

The use of mobile technologies such as barcodes and scanners as opposed to manual dataentry which is prone to error will provide an error-free method of data entry and tracking ofinventory. This will improve lead times and lead to reduced order cancellations due to lack ofinventory. 

An optimal warehouse layout and organisation of the space will help lead to increasedefficiencies and reduce turn-around time. Here at RackZone we have a whole host ofproducts which will help you to achieve the most efficient warehouse layout to optimiseyour pick and pack process ultimately improving turnaround time and improving customersatisfaction. 

Through the use of longspan rackingindustrial pallet racking and various storage containers your inventory will be well-organised, easily accessible, safely stored and ready for the pickand pack process in no time! 

Longspan racking makes the perfect solution for heavy duty inventory, made fromhigh-quality steel, it easily caters to heavy loads and bulky goods. 

Industrial pallet racking is a functional storage solution that maximises space and is ideal forstoring pallets. 

Our wide variety of storage containers mean that no matter the size of your products therewill be a solution to securely store inventory until shipping time. 



Optimising the pick and pack process helps to streamline your operations and ultimately leads to a higher reliable order rate and improved customer satisfaction. When it comes to storage and racking solutions that can help you optimise your pick and pack process, we have the products and the expertise, to ensure you get the solution that meets the unique needs of your business, and complies with the highest standards of safety and reliability. 

Our team of experts are here and ready to help you choose the best solution for your business, warehouse, or storage facility. To learn more about our versatile range of solutions and how our team can help contact us today.