Even with the best of intentions, over time our spaces particularly our warehouses, offices and homes can become disorganised. This leads to time wastage and frustration as we struggle to find the item we need and end up losing important items in the disorganisation.

Here at RackZone we want to help you keep your warehouse, office and home organised and efficient. We’ve put together our top tips and product picks to help you achieve the perfect organised space.


Warehouse Organisation

When it comes to keeping your warehouse in tip top organised state it’s important to choose the right storage type. Good storage aids good organisation. It’s impossible to have one without the other. When choosing storage solutions bear in mind the type of products which require organisation. Does your warehouse store palleted goods, bulky items or a variety of different sized goods?



The use of longspan shelving in combination with tilt bins or part bins improves the storage of smaller items allowing your staff to have ease of access when needed. If storing heavier items then a strong, sturdy shelving option will take precedence over one with clear divisions and ease of access.

Learn more about our range of longspan racking here.


Industrial Pallet Racking

To optimise your warehouse storage capacity and organisation for palletised goods then pallet racking is the obvious solution. Pallet racking provides you with a versatile solution for your palletised goods which naturally aids organisation in terms of both storage, drop off and collection. Ultimately saving you time and money.

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Easy Rack

When it comes to choosing solutions which will aid organisation either in your home office or in a workplace setting then easy racks are one of the best solutions.

Our range of Evolution Easy Rack Shelving provides free access from both sides meaning you can easily access what you need or store items with extra length in the shelf. Taking just 10-15 minutes to erect, an easy rack is the ideal solution to promote good organisation in an office setting. Easy racks make the ideal organisational unit for a variety of office departments. They can be easily segregated and adapted so that all departments can make use of them while ensuring paperwork and other supplies do not get misplaced across workstacks.

With home offices now commonplace, easy racks can be the ideal solution when more than one person is making use of the space allowing all parties to strategically store and organise their equipment and paperwork.

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Having a dedicated space where employees can store their personal belongings keeps work spaces free and organised while improving security. Choose from two, three, four or six door lockers and keep your belongings safe and organised.

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Many of us have been spending time recently ‘spring cleaning’ our garages, attics and spare rooms. When it comes to organising the items we decide to keep and ensuring they remain neatly stored for future use it’s important to make use of good storage options.


Tilt Bins

Implement tilt bins, space-saving units designed to keep stored items highly visible and easy to find. The bins can be used on a desk or workbench by mounting to steel rails or louvered panels. They can also be mounted on a wall, stacked or used individually. Available in a range of colours and sizes and featuring card stock labels, tilt bins are extremely useful in aiding organisation and retrieval of smaller items.

Learn more about tilt bins here.



Reclaim the floor space in your home with Slatwall. The use of slatwall in your garage is a great way of organising a typically unorganised space while maximising your wall storage capabilities.

These versatile and easy to install panels come with numerous hanging accessories so that you can customise your space in numerous ways.

Different slatwall accessories are suitable for different organisational needs. Choose from specially designed hangers, hooks and racks suitable for storage of sporting gear, camping equipment, craft items, toys, hobbies and much more. Never worry about a disorganised garage again!

Discover the benefits of slatwall here.

Here at RackZone.ie we have a wide range of storage solutions to keep your warehouse, office or home organised. We aim to give you great products at a great price with exceptional service. Get in touch with us today to discuss our range of shelving, racking and storage options further at +353 (0)90 9673261 or email us at [email protected]