Fully Galvanised Longspan Shelving 2500h x 2700L x 1000D - Starter

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Fully Galvanised Longspan Shelving 2500h x 2700L x 1000D - Starter

SKU : Galvanised Longspan Shelving 2500h x 2700L x 1000D Starter

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A high quality fully galvanised steel longspan shelving storage solution that brings greater capacity to warehouses, offices, stock rooms and shop floors. Dimensions of 2500h x 2700L x 1000D.

Fully galvanised longspan shelving is a must for any stockroom, warehouse, manufacturing plant or office that needs more room for storage. Whether it's for small parts, lightweight wholesale goods, or archived documents, this metal long span racking system is the answer. Providing users with more shelf space, the zinc-coated shelves provide a professional, adaptable and user-friendly solution to storage woes.

Thanks to the boltless design, constructing the long span racking is quick and hassle-free too. Only a rubber mallet is required to knock the parts into place, and no screws or nuts are called for. The high tensile steel shelving is a cost effective answer to the problems presented by an increasing demand for storage in any busy working environment.

Thanks to their greater dimensions, the longspan metal shelves are also fantastic for use in locations where the manual picking of goods or parts is required.

The steel longspan shelving storage system is ideal for use with larger lightweight items and greater amounts of products or parts for when regular sized fully galvanised shelving isn't quite spacious enough.Greater measurements of 2500h x 2700L x 1000D provide ample space in all commercial settings.


  • 2500 mm
  • 2700 mm
  • 1000 mm
  • kg
  • Steel
  • Galvanised
  • Steel
  • Galvanised Shelving
  • Galvanise
  • Starter

Suggested Environment

  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Home
  • Office
  • Warehouse

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