Fully Galvanised Shelving 1972x900x600 5 Levels Extender

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Fully Galvanised Shelving 1972x900x600 5 Levels Extender

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This fully galvanised extender expands storage capacity in a wide range of settings, including light
industrial and domestic environments. As with the starter bays, the extender also works with the modular
containers and sliding dividers that complement this range. The 5-level extender, is easily and quickly
connected to the starter to boost shelving capacity.

Bring even more capability to your existing storage solution by adding on this fully galvanised steel
extender to your five level starter bay. The extender has been created specifically to fit with these
starters and is identical in spec apart from having one upright as opposed to two.
Ideal for use in domestic and industrial environments, and for holding small and lightweight objects such

as files, spare parts or small tools, this modular shelving solution is constructed from high tensile zinc-
coated steel. The extender gives your existing bay twice the storage capacity, with little to no hassle.

Like the starter shelving bay, the steel extender is rugged, hardwearing, reliable and adaptable.
On its own the galvanised shelving extender is great for basic storage needs but add on the compatible
modular containers and/or sliding dividers and it makes sorting and manually picking parts and goods
twice as comprehensive as before.
This highly technical galvanised extender is an essential add-on to an existing galvanised metal racking
system when more storage space is called for and will give everyone from manufacturers and
wholesalers to office staff and homeowners an increase in storage capacity.
With five levels and 1972mm x 900mm x 600mm measurements, this sturdy steel extender will be a life
saver for anyone who needs to add more storage shelving - fast.


  • 1972 mm
  • 900 mm
  • 600 mm
  • Steel
  • Galvanised Shelving
  • Galvanise

Suggested Environment

  • Basement
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Storage room
  • Warehouse

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