Fully Galvanised Sliding Divider 320 x 200

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Galvanised Shelving Sliding Divider 320X200H

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These vertical sliding dividers are for use with the galvanised steel shelving starter bays and extenders. Slotting easily into the metal shelves, they'll enable small goods and supplies to be compartmentalised.

Any business that needs to compartmentalise and store small loose, or packaged goods will benefit massively from these vertical sliding dividers. Made from the same high tensile steel as the starter bays and extenders, they'll bring even more functionality to existing metal shelving systems.As these are part of the steel storage solution's boltless design, there are no tools or nuts and screws needed to add-on the metal dividers. They simply slot in and are held in place by two left and right clips. They really couldn't be easier to install!

Ideal for light manufacturing plants, maintenance firms such as plumbers and electricians, the automotive industry, and wholesalers who sell small goods, the sliding dividers stop small, and often virtually identical parts getting mixed up. They'll make manually picking items far easier too


Combine them with the modular containers in the same range to create a fully functioning and extremely versatile storage system for any plant, shop floor or warehouse.

These galvanised steel sliding dividers measure 320 x 200mm.

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