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Storage Tilt Bin Madia 5 600w x 210d x 242h (3-Tilt Bin) c/w Locking Bar

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Madia 5 with locking bar is the optimum solution for small storage needs with reliable security of contents thanks to trustworthy locking bar. Contains 3 tilt bins that open up to a 45-degree angle with maximum ease and remain open while in use without struggle or strain on device. Bins close just as easily and can be removed for use or cleaning purposes.

Plastic on bins and container can be cleaned with generic and brand label surface and glass cleaning solutions used in all homes and is resistant to smudging and spot damage. Durable plastic is able to hold a variety of objects of varying weights without issue and container is resistant to damage from weather, water, impact, overuse, and heat, among others.

It is excellent for use in kitchen, office, workshop, and studio settings both professionally and domestically. It mounts easily to any surface in any environment including mobile environments for storage and use on-the-go in vans and trucks. Design is sleek and geometrically consistent with other storage units making it aesthetically pleasing to you as well as potential customers in business settings. The Madia 5 tilt-bin with locking bar is perfect for small storage needs.

1) Product Type: Madia Tilt Bin Stand MP100

2) Compartments: Select your own

3) Unit of sale: Each

4) Table stand

5) Easily Storable

6) Smooth solid sides and strong stand


Tilt Bin Information

  • 242 mm
  • 600 mm
  • 210 mm
  • Cream
  • Plastic
  • Yes

Individual Tilt Bin

  • 220/161 mm
  • 180 mm
  • 145 mm
  • Transparent
  • Plastic
  • Yes

Suggested Environment

  • Kitchen
  • Office
  • Studio
  • Workshop


Items of this product can be stacked

Labels included

Labels included

Plastic Material

Plastic Material

Item made from plastic material

Boltable to the wall

Boltable to the wall

Holes for easy-to-bolt to wall



Transparent for easy use visually

With Locking Bar

With Locking Bar

With Locking Bar

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