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Industrial Pallet Racking

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Industrial pallet racking is an essential component of efficient warehouse storage and management. RackZone offers a range of high-quality industrial racking systems to maximise space utilisation and streamline inventory handling processes.

Find the right industrial pallet racking for you

Available in Ireland and beyond, Kimer’s industrial pallet racking systems provide ample storage space for palletised goods. These industrial pallet storage racks offer a robust solution for warehouses looking to optimise their storage capacity. The system’s starter and extender units allow easy customisation to match your storage requirements.

RackZone are the sole distributors of Kimer products in Ireland.

Kimer’s industrial pallet racking units are ISO 9001 compliant and ensure maximum storage capacity without compromising valuable floor space. Their impressive height and space-efficient depth make them ideal for storing tall palletised goods or stacking inventory. Constructed from high-strength steel and manufactured using top-quality processes, Kimer’s industrial racking systems offer a sturdy and reliable storage solution.

Forklifts can easily access pallets from either side of the units, facilitating efficient inventory management and transportation. Add compatible extender units to your starter units as your storage needs grow for seamless expansion.

Consider Kimer’s industrial pallet racking units for even greater storage capacity. With a load capacity of up to 3500kg and beyond on each of its levels, these units can accommodate large amounts of inventory while maintaining a compact footprint. The S-355 quality steel construction and strategic bracing ensure impressive durability and stability, even at total load capacity.

The user-friendly design enables quick installation and reconfiguration as needed, making it a convenient and efficient storage solution for warehouses handling palletised goods.

Invest in RackZone’s industrial pallet racking systems for a reliable, space-efficient and customisable storage solution to optimise your warehouse operations and streamline inventory management processes.

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Convenient for DIY and business owners, RackZone specialises in providing pallet racking (including longspan racking), shelving units (including industrial shelving), workbenches, storage and organisation products (including garage slat walls), containers and boxes (such as parts bins and tilt bins), storage kits (bin racks), packaging accessories, and manual handling equipment at a great price and with exceptional service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is industrial pallet racking? Industrial pallet racking is a heavy-duty storage system designed to efficiently store and organise goods on pallets in warehouses, distribution centres, and manufacturing facilities. It consists of sturdy metal frames with horizontal beams that support multiple levels of pallets, allowing for vertical stacking and maximising storage space. Industrial pallet racking withstands the demands of high-volume, heavy-load storage environments, ensuring the safety and accessibility of stored goods.
Who needs industrial pallet racking? Industrial pallet racking is essential for businesses that handle large volumes of palletised goods, such as manufacturers, distributors, logistics providers, and retailers with extensive warehouse operations. Any company that needs to store and manage many pallets can benefit from implementing industrial pallet racking systems to optimise its storage space, streamline operations, and improve inventory management. Industrial pallet racking is crucial for businesses dealing with heavy or bulky items requiring sturdy and reliable storage solutions.
When is industrial pallet racking most needed? Industrial pallet racking is most needed when businesses experience growth in inventory levels or need to optimise their storage space to accommodate more goods. It is also crucial when a company seeks to improve its warehouse efficiency, reduce material handling costs, and streamline order fulfilment processes. Industrial pallet racking becomes essential when dealing with high-volume, fast-moving inventory that requires quick and easy access for order picking and replenishment.
Where can I get advice about the best industrial pallet racking? Consult reputable suppliers or material-handling equipment specialists for expert advice on your business’s best industrial pallet racking solutions. RackZone can assess your storage needs, warehouse layout, and operational requirements to recommend the most suitable industrial pallet racking system. They can also guide racking configurations, load capacities, and safety considerations to ensure optimal performance and compliance with industry standards.
Why is industrial pallet racking so popular? Industrial pallet racking is popular because it offers a versatile, efficient, cost-effective solution for storing and managing palletised goods. Its sturdy construction and customisable design allow businesses to maximise their storage space vertically, reducing the need for expensive warehouse expansions. Industrial pallet racking also improves inventory organisation, facilitates more straightforward access to goods, and enhances overall warehouse productivity. The modular nature of industrial pallet racking systems enables businesses to adapt to changing storage needs and scale their operations more efficiently, making it a popular choice for growing companies.