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Cantilever Racking

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Cantilever racking is a specialised storage solution that efficiently stores long, bulky or difficult-to-palletise goods in warehouses. Our heavy-duty cantilever racking systems from Kimer offer the perfect way to organise and store materials of irregular sizes and shapes.

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Kimer’s cantilever racking systems feature adjustable arms ideal for securing pipes, beams, profiles, and other linear or sheet materials. The system allows for placing levels on one or both sides of the column, with mobile arms that can be removed or added depending on the load. You can purchase additional arms at any time as your storage needs grow.

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Our cantilever racking units, constructed from high-quality S-355 steel, withstand harsh warehouse conditions. The easy assembly process using heavy-duty nuts and bolts results in a sturdy and secure racking unit. Kimer’s expert manufacturing ensures a safe and stable storage system that meets EN ISO 9001 safety standards.

In a collision, the mobile arms can be adjusted to prevent shock transmission to the central column when the arm is in a raised safety position. This feature enhances the cantilever racking system’s overall durability and longevity.

With multiple heights and lengths available and an impressive load capacity of 850kg per level, Kimer’s cantilever racking provides ample storage space without compromising valuable warehouse floor area. Stop guards can be used for security when storing unbanded or loose materials.

Invest in Kimer’s heavy-duty cantilever racking systems from RackZone for a durable, flexible, efficient storage solution tailored to your warehouse’s unique needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cantilever racking? Cantilever racking is a storage system that efficiently stores long, bulky, or odd-shaped items that don’t fit well on traditional pallet racking. It consists of vertical uprights with horizontal arms extending from one side, allowing for easy loading and unloading of materials without supporting beams or shelves. Cantilever racking is ideal for storing items such as timber, pipes, tubing, and other lengthy materials that require unrestricted access from the sides.
Who needs cantilever racking? Cantilever racking is essential for businesses that handle long or irregular-shaped products, such as timber yards, steel distributors, furniture manufacturers, and automotive suppliers. Industries that frequently work with pipes, tubing, or rolls of materials, such as textile mills and paper manufacturers, also greatly benefit from cantilever racking systems. Any company that needs to store and access long, heavy, or uniquely shaped items efficiently can use cantilever racking to optimise its storage space and streamline its operations.
When should I install the cantilever racking? Consider installing cantilever racking when storing long or bulky items that are difficult to accommodate on standard pallet racking systems. Cantilever racking is particularly useful when you require easy side access to stored materials for efficient loading and unloading. It is also beneficial when you need to maximise your storage space and improve the organisation of your extended or odd-shaped inventory. Installing cantilever racking is an intelligent choice to enhance the efficiency and safety of your storage operations for these items.
Where can I get assistance with selecting the most suitable cantilever racking? To ensure you choose the best cantilever racking solution for your business, consult experienced material handling equipment suppliers or specialised racking manufacturers. These experts can assess your specific storage requirements, product dimensions, and facility layout to recommend the most suitable cantilever racking system. They can also guide load capacities, arm lengths, and uprights spacing to optimise storage space and ensure safe operation. Additionally, reputable suppliers, such as RackZone, can assist with designing, installing, and maintaining your cantilever racking system.
Why is cantilever racking so popular? Cantilever racking has gained popularity due to its unique ability to store long, heavy, or awkwardly shaped items that are challenging to accommodate on traditional pallet racking. By providing unrestricted side access to stored materials, cantilever racking enables more efficient loading and unloading processes, saving time and labour costs. Its versatile design allows easy customisation to suit various product sizes and weights, making it adaptable to different industries and storage needs. Moreover, cantilever racking maximises vertical storage space, allowing businesses to store more items in less floor area, ultimately reducing costs and improving overall warehouse efficiency.