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Industrial Workbench

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With a great choice of sizes, two or three levels and special features to choose from, you can find excellent workshop workbenches and industrial workbenches at RackZone.

Find the right industrial workbench for you

Our industrial workbenches come in the following sizes:

  • 2000H x 1850W x 800/400D
  • 2000H x 1500W x 800/400D
  • 900H x 1850W x 800D
  • 1000H x 1500W x 600D
  • 910H x 1830W x 600D

RackZone’s industrial workbenches with storage also come with:

✔ holder underneath for bubble wrap or packaging materials
✔ wire decking
✔ castors
✔ hanging rail
✔ timber top

Benefits of an industrial workbench from RackZone

  • Portability: Some of our industrial workbenches feature wheels, allowing for easy relocation, providing flexibility in workspace arrangement.
  • Stability: Some models come with brakes on the wheels, ensuring stability and safety during work.
  • Adjustability: The workbenches are fully adjustable, offering flexibility in size and height to suit specific requirements.
  • Ease of assembly: The workbenches are easy to assemble, thanks to features like low weight and the special design of components.
  • Durability: Steel frames ensure strength and durability, capable of handling heavy loads.
  • Versatility: The workbenches can serve multiple purposes, such as a packing bench or dispatch station, enhancing their utility.
  • Additional features: Some models come with extra features like reel bars for storage and overhead storage shelves, enhancing functionality.
  • Availability and convenience: Customers can order directly from RackZone with the option of next business day delivery.

About RackZone - workbenches, shelving units, pallet racking & more

RackZone specialise in providing workbenches, pallet racking, industrial shelving and many more great storage products convenient for DIY and business owners, at a great price and with exceptional service.

Our excellent range of products includes shelving, pallet racking (including longspan racking), workbenches, storage and organisation products (including garage slatwalls), containers and boxes (such as parts bins and tilt bins), storage kits (bin racks), packaging accessories and manual handling equipment.

If you order online or by phone (090 9673261) before 3pm, our expert team can get your order to you next business day, anywhere in the country - we deliver to all areas of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, including all major cities and towns (Dublin, Belfast, Limerick, Galway and Cork).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using office and workshop workbenches? Office and workshop workbenches provide a sturdy and organised workspace for various tasks. They enhance productivity by offering a designated area for work, reduce clutter with built-in storage options, and are designed to withstand heavy use, making them ideal for both office and workshop environments.
How do industrial workbenches differ from regular workbenches? Industrial workbenches are built to endure the demands of heavy-duty tasks typically found in manufacturing, assembly and repair industries. They are constructed with robust materials like steel and chipboard, often featuring higher weight capacities and reinforced legs. These features make them more durable and versatile compared to regular workbenches.
What are the advantages of an industrial workbench with storage? An industrial workbench with storage maximises workspace efficiency by integrating drawers, shelves and cabinets into the workbench design. This allows for convenient organisation and easy access to tools and materials, reducing the need for separate storage units. The added storage helps maintain a tidy and efficient work environment, improving overall productivity.