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Galvanised Shelving

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Items 1-18 of 25

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The modular galvanised shelves at RackZone are perfect for the compact and easy sorting, storage and manual picking of small or lightweight parts, products, goods and supplies.

Galvanised shelving units (starter bays, optional extenders, modular containers and sliding dividers)

Fantastic, high-performance galvanised steel modular shelving units for commercial and domestic storage needs, including:

✔ automotive industry
✔ manufacturing
✔ warehouses
✔ electrical industry
✔ workplaces
✔ homes
✔ garages
✔ gardens
✔ retail

A sturdy and sleek galvanised shelving unit, made with high tensile, zinc-coated steel, is the ample storage space for automotive spares, electrical parts, DIY tools, retail display products and clothing, and back of house storage. A galvanised shelving unit is versatile and has a boltless construction that’s easy to assemble.

Find the right storage galvanised shelving unit for you

Use the product filters to the left to find the right shelving unit to suit your needs. Filter by span width, weight per shelf (UDL), width, depth and height, price, colour, number of shelves, number of levels, frame material and coating. You can also filter by Extender or Starter format and type of slatwall material.

About RackZone - shelving units, pallet racking and much more

RackZone specialise in providing pallet racking, industrial shelving and many more great storage products convenient for DIY and business owners, at a great price and with exceptional service.

Our excellent range of products includes shelving, pallet racking (including longspan racking), workbenches, storage and organisation products (including garage slatwalls), containers and boxes (such as parts bins and tilt bins), storage kits (bin racks), packaging accessories and manual handling equipment.

If you order online or by phone (+353 090 9673261) before 3pm, our expert team can get your order to you next business day, anywhere in the country - we deliver to all areas of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, including all major cities and towns (Dublin, Belfast, Limerick, Galway and Cork).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is galvanised steel rust proof? Yes, galvanised steel is highly resistant to rust due to its protective zinc coating, which acts as a barrier against corrosion.
Can galvanised steel be painted? Yes, galvanised steel can be painted, but proper surface preparation is crucial for adhesion. Cleaning and priming the surface before painting ensures the paint adheres effectively.
How is galvanised steel made? Galvanised steel is made through a process called hot-dip galvanising, where steel is immersed in molten zinc to form a protective layer. This process helps prevent corrosion and extends the lifespan of the steel.