Storage Kits

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Storage Kits

Ensure safety and comfort while protecting floor surfaces with high quality and durable matting solutions. Suitable for industrial and commercial use, these mats can be used in any room to provide comfort and safety of workers and other users in the course of operations.

Browse through the various types of mats designed for specific environments such as entrances, kitchen, wet areas, reception areas, and other professional settings.

The range of matting solutions available includes anti-fatigue mats, non-slip mats, cushion step mats, snow melting and drainage mats, heavy duty mats, and specialty and switchboard mats. Specialty and electrically conductive protect them from shocks generated by the high-voltage equipment. Non-slip mats improve workers' comfort on the job while anti-fatigue and cushion step mats prevent accidents that result from slippery floors and wet working areas. Drainage mats are suitable for keeping floors dry in places that experience frequent wetness.

The matting solutions made from high-quality corrugated rubber are durable, easy to install, maintain and clean. They can endure high traffic without wearing out fast or them necessitating regular maintenance.  If you need an entirely reliable, durable and outstanding flooring solution, choose from this range of floor mats for all your industrial and commercial needs.