Longspan Kit 2000 x 2400 x 400 3 Levels Timber 5 Bays INCL DELIVERY

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Longspan Kit 2000 x 2400 x 400 3 Levels Timber 5 Bays INCL DELIVERY

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This three level long span shelving is the perfect solution for all your residential, commercial and industrial needs. These units are stable, sturdy, durable and robust. they have a screwless design, and are simple to erect.

These three level long span metal shelves are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial uses. They have a unique screwless design, which uses connectors rather than screws. Screws can become loose over time, which will affect the stability of the unit. Connectors don’t have the same issue, so these units remain very stable and secure even as time passes.

These units are easy to construct, and each unit can be erected in ten to fifteen minutes. They come with easy to follow instructions.

These metal shelves are freestanding units, so you can access all sides of the unit. This means that you can use these units to safely store awkwardly shaped or long items without a problem.

The shelving units are made using a high quality painted steel frame, with top quality timber shelves. Each shelf can hold a maximum weight of 450KG.

This special order of five bays is comprised of a 2000 x 2400 x 400 starter unit and four compatible extender units. The five units when erected will cover ten metres. Delivery is included in this order.


  • 2000 mm
  • 2400 mm
  • 400 mm
  • 500 kg
  • Steel
  • painted
  • Timber
  • Longspan Racking
  • Blue and Orange
  • Starter

Suggested Environment

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Sheds
  • Warehouse

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