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Storage Tilt Bin Madia 2 600w x 96d x 112h (6-Tilt Bin)

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With 6 tilt bins, the Madia 2 is an extremely logistical and visually pleasing addition to your current storage units. Works well with nearly any storage need in multiple environments and a wide spectrum of uses including kitchen spaces, office settings, and high intensity workshops.

Highly structured and impact durable plastic bins and container not only resist wear from excessive use but last while holding heavy and rough objects. Perfect as an art tool supply container, spice organizer, hardware storage, etc.

All 6 bins tilt out and back in, maxing at a 45-degree angle, with utmost ease and remain open while in use. Plastic is resistant to water damage, use, and dropping and will last against cracking and breaking. All 6 bins remove with ease for more use and easy cleaning.

Container works well with most household surface cleaners and resists spotting while drying. Entire container mounts well in a number of environments including mobile use in vans or trucks for business on-the-go. In all situations the Madia 2 provides a clean and organized storage look for potential customers. The combination of professional look with logistical and long term use make the Madia 2 highly practical for any and all business, office, and home storage need.

1) Product Type: Madia 2 Tilt Bin

2) Clear label space for labeling

3) Smooth solid sides and well formed grip troughs

4) Durable plastic to protect contents

5) Transparent for easy use visually


Tilt Bin Information

  • 112 mm
  • 600 mm
  • 96 mm
  • Cream
  • Plastic
  • No

Individual Tilt Bin

  • 110 mm
  • 96 mm
  • 96 mm
  • Cream
  • Plastic
  • No

Suggested Environment

  • Commercial
  • Kitchen
  • Office
  • Studio
  • Workshop


Items of this product can be stacked

Plastic Material

Item made from plastic material

Boltable to the wall

Holes for easy-to-bolt to wall


Transparent for easy use visually

Without Locking Bar

Without Locking Bar

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