Storage Tilt Bin Madia 3 600w x 140d x 168h (5-Tilt Bin)

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Storage Tilt Bin Madia 3 600w x 140d x 168h (5-Tilt Bin)


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The Madia 3 is a 5-bin tilt bin storage system for average storage amounts of storage needs. The entire container mounts well to any and all surfaces including granite, wood, and drywall allowing for use across various environments and business types. Perfect for work in a kitchen, office, artist’s studio, high-intensity workshop, or at home use. Material is highly durable and resistant to impact, water, weather, or overuse damage.

All 5 bins are highly crack and break resistant and able to hold objects of various weights and material make. All 5 tilt bins also remove completely and easily for repeated cleaning needs and are washable with any common household surface cleaner. Plastic is resistant to smudging and water spots while drying. Bins are transparent and come with multiple identification cards for ease of recognition while in use.

Entire container can also mount to mobile vehicle with ease and durability for mobile business needs. This products offers the best and cleanest look for storage needs in professional environments and is aesthetically pleasing to customers and business partners alike.

1) Product Type: Madia 3 Tilt Bin

2) Number of Separate Bins: 5 boxes tilt storage bins

3) Smooth solid sides and well formed grip troughs

4) Durable plastic to protect contents

5) Transparent for easy use visually


Tilt Bin Information

  • 168 mm
  • 600 mm
  • 140 mm

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