When you think of storage lockers the first thing that comes to mind is hundreds of storage lockers crowding school hallways, however, schools are not the only place that benefits from the use of storage lockers. Nowadays you will find lockers everywhere from fitness centres, offices, shopping centres and warehouses, storage lockers can be very beneficial for many businesses. When out and about, storage lockers are found everywhere and for good reason, they provide a safe and secure storage solution for valuables and provide storage for anyone who needs it as well as having the ability to keep workplaces safe from safety hazards and risks by providing a way of storing tools and other equipment.

Here at RackZone, we have created a list of 5 industries that can benefit from the use of storage lockers and the safe, durable, protection they provide.


1. Schools, Colleges and Universities

As already mentioned, most individuals associate storage lockers with schools and even colleges and universities. Lockers in hallways allow students to leave their books, lunches and any other belongings in them safely to save them the hassle of carrying them around all day. This alleviates the pressure of heavy backpacks which is a problem many students face. Additionally, many schools, colleges and universities have a variety of other uses for storage lockers, for instance, in gyms and sports facilities. Not only this but in colleges and universities where students are enrolled in a variety of courses, some of which require lab coats, chef jackets and various other equipment these lockers for them specifically to use.


2. Offices

Nowadays, when working in an office it is not guaranteed that you will have access to your own personal desk to use at your disposal and keep your belongings. Hot desking has grown in popularity over the last number of years meaning many employees are faced with the struggle of having to carry their possessions and valuables around at all times. When employees do not have their own desk at their disposal, storage lockers provide them with a safe space for their personal belongings. Many offices also use storage lockers to protect office valuables including laptops and projectors, keeping them safe and secure.


3. Fitness and Relaxation Centres

Storage lockers are a necessity within the changing rooms in gyms and spas. These lockers are used by guests to keep their belongings safe while working out or getting a massage. An attendant is typically present in these changing rooms to assist guests and to provide security. These storage lockers can also be used by fitness centres to store some exercise gear, towels, and massage oils, along with other items.


4. Workshops

Warehouses and workshops use storage lockers to keep expensive equipment and instruments safe in an accessible place. These storage lockers have two main purposes: they keep tools safe from thieves and pilfering employees, and they keep staff safe from instruments that could cause tripping hazards or be harmful if left alone. Storage lockers have transformed deathtraps into secure places.


5. Storage Facilities and Archives

Many companies and organizations maintain storage rooms for archival purposes. Some keep records because they have to, while others keep them for the sake of posterity. Ordinary cabinets and bookshelves are rarely secure, and they don't provide you with the best organization method for keeping important documents safe and accessible for years down the line.


Storage lockers can be very versatile and used in almost any industry. Such lockers are differentiated from regular cabinets by their exceptional strength and sturdiness. Storage lockers can hold anything from clothing to firearms to heavy tools. Some storage lockers even have vents built into the doors for optimum ventilation.

Here at Rackzone, we have a variety of heavy duty plastic storage lockers, which come in a range of different sizes, and colours that can be used for even the most demanding environments. Our plastic storage lockers are a great alternative to metal lockers as they are almost impossible to dent or damage, and are more suitable in damp environments, such as gyms and swimming pools, as they do not rust.

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