Longspan shelving, also known as longspan racking, is the ideal racking system for the storage of hand loaded items in factories, warehouses, workshops and stockrooms. Available in a wide range of sizes, longspan shelving consists of an upright and beam system which are made from high-quality steel. 

The traditional use of longspan shelving for the storage of hand loaded items is quite an obvious one but there are a number of less well-known creative ways to make use of longspan shelving in your factory, warehouse, workshop or stockroom. In this blog we look at five creative ways to use longspan shelving.

Use in a pallet racking system

Using your longspan shelving in a pallet racking system will allow you to create an organised environment with organised flow in your space. Creating an organised space will increase efficiency and with increased efficiency comes increased productivity and profitability. 


Make use of a mezzanine

If you have a number of open vertical spaces in your warehouse then use them. Making use of a mezzanine space in your warehouse or factory will help to take advantage of your open space for functional use. Using longspan racking in your mezzanine will widen your warehouse’s capacity without having to re-imagine your entire space and operation.

Choose functionality over style

As much as we’d all love a sleek, stylish form of shelving if it doesn’t deliver on its purpose then it’s pointless. Always choose longspan shelving for what it does versus what it looks like. Implementing the correct size and capacity of longspan shelving is the fastest way to add efficiency to your warehouse and speed up your processes. 

Reuse and recycle

Just because your old pallet racking no longer fulfills your needs doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it. Old pallet racking can easily be reused for new functions such as equipment storage. 

Change up your layout

Just because your warehouse has been operating in a certain way for a number of years doesn’t mean that’s the best way. Although we can be tempted by the old phrase ‘if it's not broke don’t fix it’ we often can find new, more innovative and productive ways of operating with a little imagination and movement. Speak with your storage system specialist such as our knowledgeable team here at RackZone on how to get the most out of your longspan racking. 


A longspan shelving system can make or break your warehouse operations so it's important to get the most out of them. Make use of our creative ways of implementing longspan shelving, talk to other warehouse operators or the experts here at RackZone and figure out the best solutions to make longspan shelving work for you and your business. Learn more about our range of longspan shelving here.


Longspan Shelving in Ireland with RackZone

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