Choosing the right shelving for your business can be a difficult task without the right information. Here at RackZone we want to make it as simple as possible for you to find the right shelving type for your business. We’ve put together a roundup of the various shelving types available and where they are best suited to help you make the best decision for your business.


Industrial shelving


Industrial shelving is a heavy-duty shelving system which is designed for use with larger, heavier and bulkier items. If it's heavy-duty storage which is long lasting and reliable that you’re after then industrial shelving is the solution for you. This shelving type is best suited to large warehouses and workspaces that store heavy goods on an ongoing basis with quick turnaround. Shop our range of industrial shelving here.

Metal shelving


Metal shelving is a popular choice within a variety of workplaces due to its durable, affordable and versatile nature. Metal shelving works well for storing heavy loads due to its strength, within refrigeration units as it can stand up to cold temperatures for commercial kitchen food storage as its flow-through ventilation keeps food fresher for longer while allowing quick access. Shop our range of metal shelving here.


Galvanised shelving


Galvanised shelving is the ideal storage solution for damp environments where there is risk of rusting. Galvanised steel contains a zinc coating which protects the metal making it resistant to rust. Galvanised shelving is one of the most durable shelving options as it can withstand demanding environments. Some ideal environments for galvanised shelving include food storage facilities and greenhouses. Most galvanised shelves are also reinforced which gives them maximum strength, durability and ability to hold heavier loads when compared to other shelving options. Shop our range of galvanised shelving here.


Office & home shelving


Shelving is not just a solution for warehouses but also for office settings where it can be extremely useful in the storage of heavy employee or client files. We recommend choosing an Easy Rack solution which can be tailored to fit any size space within your office setting. Shop our range of office and home shelving here.


Plastic shelving


Plastic shelving is a durable yet lightweight solution which is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Plastic shelving makes a great storage solution for household items such as cleaning products and foodstuffs and can be a great addition to food storage areas or for garden related items. Available in a range of sizes and weight bearing abilities you’ll be sure to find a solution to match your needs. Shop our range of plastic shelving here.

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