Mobile steps have long been used for the purpose of enabling people to gain access to goods or equipment which is located out of reach. Although a common tool used in warehouses the benefits of having such equipment is less well known and many warehouses still lack this piece of vital equipment. In this blog we look at the benefits of mobile steps for your warehouse.


One of the most obvious benefits of mobile steps is the fact they allow your staff to reach high shelves that would otherwise be unreachable. With a range of heights available, mobile steps can be used in all manner and layout of warehouse, fitting in seamlessly with longspan shelving and racking. Allowing your staff to reach heights beyond what would normally be possible without machinery increases productivity and allows your staff to get on with their day-to-day tasks without the need to implement heavy duty machinery such as forklifts.


Safety is paramount in warehouses and with the use of mobile steps you can rest assured that your staff won’t be over extending their bodies to reach high shelves or supporting themselves on unsturdy surfaces such as lower shelves or boxes. Built in handrails allow your staff to carefully move up and down the steps while also forming a barrier to keep users secure. Mobile steps are also far safer than ladders which worryingly are still being used to reach higher shelves in some warehouses. As they are completely self-supporting structures they allow the user to have one hand free while moving up and down the steps and have two hands free on the top level platform which increases productivity with no compromise on safety.

Easily transported

Without a doubt one of the biggest benefits of mobile steps is their transportability. With fully rotatable wheels, mobile steps can be quickly and efficiently moved around your warehouse facility. These steps can easily be transported to any location allowing your staff, warehouse visitors and contractors to reach areas out of bounds safely. Their lightweight nature also lends to their ease of transportation with no need for machinery to be employed to move them.

A solution to suit all needs

With a range of heights you’ll be able to find the mobile step solution to fit your needs so whether you require a large 4250 height step solution or a shorter 2000 height solution here at RackZone we will have the mobile step type to suit your needs.

Here at RackZone we stock only the highest quality EN131 ladders with a maximum load capacity of 150kg including the weight of the person and the items they are holding. The EN131 certification indicates that the mobile steps are suitable for trade and industrial use.

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