The presents have been unwrapped, the Christmas dinner is a distant memory and we’ve already broken our new year's resolutions which means it's time to start the Christmas cleanup. In this blog we take a look at the range of storage containers available from Rackzone which will make that cleanup simple and the decorating next year a breeze.

Euro Containers

Euro containers are heavy duty plastic boxes which are stackable. These containers are perfect for the storage of Christmas decorations in settings that are tight on space thanks to their ability to be both stacked when the lids are closed or nest into each other when the lids are open. Here at Rackzone we recommend euro containers for the storage of Christmas decorations in office settings and within the home in areas such as garages and attics which are often tight on space due to their multifunctional nature.

Clear Storage Boxes

One of the most well known and versatile storage options are clear storage boxes. Clear storage boxes can be used in all manners of locations and are ideal for the storage of festive decorations so in eleven months time when Christmas rolls around again you can clearly see each variety of decoration when needed again. 


Tote Containers

Tote containers are an extremely durable storage solution most often used for warehouse storage and shipping. Due to their durable nature they are extremely effective for safely storing fragile decorations in home, warehouse or retail settings. Available in a range of sizes they can also accommodate a wide range of decoration types of any size.


Tilt Bins

Although not the most obvious storage solution for Christmas decorations, tilt bins can prove extremely useful and versatile for small decorations and hanging tools used in the decorating process. Tilt bins will help you to keep your smaller items organised and easily identifiable. This storage solution works great as an additional element in your garage storage and can double up as a tool storage solution.


Top tips

Now that we’ve taken you through our storage solution recommendations it’s time to give you our top tips so that you get the best benefits from your storage options.


Label: No matter how good your storage solution is, it's still extremely important to label all of your boxes when putting away your decorations as next Christmas is quite some time away. The use of labels will allow you to clearly see what each box holds when Christmas comes around again and speed up your decorating process especially in large commercial settings.

Storage location: When packing away your decorations until next Christmas be mindful of the location they are being stored in especially if you’re storing away battery operated lights. If these are stored in damp, cold locations they can be more likely to get damaged leading to defective lights when you try to use them next year.

Carefully store: Even with the best storage solutions accidents can still happen and with many decorations made from glass and other fragile materials it’s important to carefully pack them away using bubble wrap and storing anything fragile together and on top of the storage box.


A solution to suit all needs

Whether you’re storing away decorations for your home, business or other location our wide range of storage containers and boxes have something to suit all needs. 


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