Tool storage is a great investment, but investing in adequate storage for your tools doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive, but making the right choice now will mean you have sturdy, well-built and secure storage to keep your most expensive tools protected and organized for years to come. As with any choice that will stay with you for more than a few years, you’ll want to consider your options carefully.

When choosing storage solutions for your tools there are a few things you might want to consider before purchasing anything, such as, What should it be made out of? What size does it need to be? Do you need a stationary or mobile storage solution? Should you get something designed for the types of tools and equipment you use specifically, or something more general-purpose and adaptable? Here at RackZone, we have a variety of options to keep all of your tools stored safely and tidily together to ensure maximum efficiency and use. 


Slatwall storage is a panelling system that you install on drywall in your shed or garage. The horizontal slots between the panels of Slatwall offer a variety of storage solutions. Slatwall systems are adaptable and may expand to accommodate your storage needs. The long life of Slatwall prevents you from having to pay for lost tools or broken equipment. Equipment that is lifted off the ground and placed on panels has a longer lifespan. It also makes your garage safer by providing more open space around your vehicle. Slatwall allows for all of your tools to be stored in a visible, stationary space that makes projects more efficient and effortless. 

We have a variety of Slatwall options and accessories to choose from to suit all of your tool storage needs, such as work hooks, grip hooks, hand tool racks and hook shelves. Whether your tool collection is small or large a Slatwall may be the right fit for you.

Storage containers

Storage containers are great storage solutions for tools. They can be stacked, used in a shelving unit and easily moved around your shed or garage. Storage containers are lightweight but also durable meaning they can be easily transported while also keeping your tool collection safe. Storage containers can be labelled with a label maker or sticky tags to ensure that everything remains neat and organised all while being easily able to locate specific tools, saving you from hunting through your entire shed or garage.

RackZone can supply you with a wide assortment of storage containers for all of your specific needs, from visible storage boxes, tilt bins, parts bins, euro containers and attached lid containers.

Tool Organiser Wall

Much like a slat wall, a tool organiser wall is a great solution for storing your tools. A tool organiser wall is smaller and cheaper than a Slatwall making it perfect for smaller locations or tool collections. The use of a tool organiser wall has many benefits, for example, greater efficiency and less damage or misplacements. If you consistently work from a garage, shed or workshop then a tool organiser wall is the perfect fit for you as it allows for you to view and access all tools required when needed.

Our tool organiser wall includes two racks and fifty hooks currently retailing for €22.

Plastic Trunk

Another fantastic storage option for your tools is a durable plastic trunk. Our 330-litre plastic trunk is large enough to meet any domestic or commercial storage needs and is more than capable of keeping your items safe and secure. This storage solution is a great purchase if you are looking to keep all of your tools protected and kept in one location. 


If mobility is your biggest concern when choosing storage options for your tool collection then a trusty toolbox may be the perfect fit for you. A toolbox is a great option for easy storing and transporting of your tool collection. Toolboxes are durable, heavy-duty and compact which makes them a great contender for upgrading your storage solutions. 

At RackZone we have both standard toolboxes and modular toolboxes with wheels available. As well as that we have a range of small parts assortment boxes to accompany your toolbox.


If you are considering upgrading your tool storage solutions and you think any of the options above sound like the right fit for you why not consider us here at RackZone, we can help solve all your tool storage issues. With cost-effective options and free nationwide delivery, why not have a look at our website today!