Slatwall panelling acts as both a storage and a display solution for homes, garages, sheds and workshops. The system is designed to maximise your wall storage capabilities and to organise various household and industrial items.Slatwall panelling is typically made out of PVC material and can be used in conjunction with a variety of different accessories in order to store and organise various items, such as tools, sports equipment, bicycles and gardening items. We’ve outlined our top benefits of using slatwall panelling for you below.


Optimise your Storage Space

Because slatwall panelling is a wall-based storage solution, this makes it ideal for using in small spaces where storage space may be an issue. In garages where vehicles are taking up the majority of the floor space, for example, slatwall panelling can be used to store tools, bikes and sports equipment on the walls. Slatwall panelling is also a great storage solution in small retail environments where floor space is limited. With a large range of slatwall panelling accessories available such as grip hooks, baskets and tool racks, the panelling can be used to store a multitude of items, for both industrial and residential use.




Slatwall panels are perfect for organising your tools or household items. With so many different accessories available to use with the panelling, everything from bicycles to garden hoses can be neatly stored away to optimise space and to declutter your home or warehouse. Some of our slatwall accessories here at RackZone are specifically designed to organise sports equipment such as golf clubs, tennis rackets, footballs and skis, or garden tools such as rakes, hoses and drills. With the help of a few basic panels and some added accessories, you’ll be able to easily transform a cluttered garage or shed into a beautifully organised space.



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