The garage can often become the dumping ground for our seldom used tools, Christmas decorations and the children’s old toys but this doesn’t always have to equal a mess! In this guide we take you through our top tips for organising your garage shelves so that you can easily find everything you need and bring some order back to the space.

Clear out

A simple and obvious recommendation is to do a clear out of your garage shelves as your first port of call for organisation. This is easier said than done and it's likely that the majority of the contents in your garage will be needed at one time or another. Rather than throw things away for the sake of it, invest in quality storage solutions. 

Clear storage boxes

One of the easiest ways to organise your garage shelves is to use storage boxes. When your items are neatly packed away into labeled, clear boxes you can easily see what each box contains and find what you need. While going through the process of organising your items into storage boxes you may even notice some items you no longer need and can donate, re-home or throw out along the way. 


Slatwall panelling is the perfect storage solution for garages and can make a fantastic alternative to shelves which are far more likely to get dusty and untidy over time. Slatwall optimises the room’s storage capacity by utilising wall space, while also acting as a superb organisational method for storing various garden and household items such as tools and sporting equipment. If you’re an avid skier but need somewhere to store your skis when you’re not in action then there’s a slatwall just for that - the slatwall ski rack or if your interests lie across a wide range of sports then a slatwall sports rack will tick all your boxes.

Additional shelving

Sometimes the problem with current garage shelving is that there isn’t enough of it so items are cramped, stacked on top of each other and generally untidy. The use of additional shelving will allow you to better spread out your items, instantly creating a more tidy space and making it easier to find the items you need. Shelving units come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Gather up your smaller items

Sometimes it can be the smallest items that cause the most mess including small screws, nails and bolts. These items can easily become lost and unorganised. If your garage is used for DIY projects or as a workshop space then it makes sense to create a specific storage space for your smaller items through the use of tilt bins, part bins or small containers. These convenient storage spaces will allow you to have an organised area to carry out your work while ensuring you never lose a nut or bolt again! 

Organisation solutions with Rackzone

Here at Rackzone we stock a wide range of slatwall, storage boxes and shelving to help you take back control of your garage storage. For further information on any of our great solutions please do not hesitate to contact us on +353 (0)90 9673261 or email us at [email protected].