To complement your storage system you require storage containers that are well-built, sturdy and reliable. That’s where Euro containers come in! In this blog we look at the numerous advantages of Euro containers and how they can help provide a reliable storage solution for your warehouse, workshop, garage or shed.


What are Euro Containers?

Euro containers are heavy duty plastic boxes that are stackable to provide maximum volume. They are used for storage and product movement from manufacturing to stocking to despatch. Euro containers provide a versatile storage solution for a variety of settings.


Advantages of Euro Containers

Safe Storage

Euro containers ensure safety and integrity of items stored inside. This is particularly important when items are being moved along conveyor belts or roller tracks or being transited to their end destination. With a sturdy lid you can be safe in the knowledge that your inventory will not be damaged at any point in the transit throughout your warehouse. The safety and integrity of your stock is key and with our sturdy Euro containers you can be sure that your products will be best protected.


Cost Saving

The use of Euro containers reduces the need for changing disposable cardboard boxes. With reusable, plastic trays your supply chain costs will be greatly reduced. Each container will replace hundreds of individual cardboard boxes over its lifetime. They are also highly durable and maintenance-free, saving on disposal or maintenance costs.


Space Saving

Thanks to their ability to nest inside of each other and easily stack, Euro containers are a great space saving solution. When the lids are closed the containers can be stacked while when opened they nest into each other saving space during storage or transport. 



Due to their durability and reusability, Euro containers are a more sustainable option when looking for a long term storage and transport solution.



With ribbed base, flat base and hinged lip and clasp style containers to choose from there are numerous uses for your Euro containers. Ribbed base containers are perfect for use with any live storage system, ensuring optimum travel along conveyor belts and roller tracks. Flat base Euro shelving containers provide a solution that’s easily stored on shelving systems or which can be stacked safely. Hinged lip and clasp containers feature a secure and sturdy hinged lid and clasps which ensures the safety and integrity of the items stored inside. Whatever your needs, there’s a Euro container for it.



Here at RackZone we stock a wide range of Euro containers, each of which are constructed from high quality materials and which can be used in a variety of settings including warehouses, workshops and in residential garages and sheds. We stock ribbed base, flat base and hinged lip and clasp style Euro containers. With each type being available in a range of different dimensions and with a variety of storage capacities. From 10Kg storage weight to 100Kg storage weight, whatever your requirement we have the Euro container to suit!



When it comes to storage solutions and containers, we have the products and the expertise, to ensure you get the solution that meets the unique needs of your business, and complies with the highest standards of safety and reliability.

Our team of experts are here and ready to help you choose the best solution for your business, warehouse, or storage facility. To learn more about our versatile range of solutions and how our team can help contact us today.