Metal retail shelving is an essential component for many businesses, especially those operating in warehouses.

From small startups to large corporations, metal shelving provides a durable, versatile and cost-effective solution for storing and organising products. Retailers, distributors and manufacturers all benefit from the strength and adaptability of metal shelving units.

What is metal retail shelving for warehouses?

Metal retail shelving for warehouses is a storage system designed to maximise space while providing easy access to stored items. These shelves are typically made from high-quality steel, ensuring robustness and longevity. They come in various sizes and configurations to suit different warehouse layouts and storage requirements. For example, the highly stable and freestanding Easy Rack Galvanise 2000H x 1000W x 300D 5 Level Shelving Unit offers a simple design with quick connections and a load capacity of 150kg per shelf.

When should metal shelving units be used in warehouses?

Metal shelving units should be used in the warehouse whenever there’s a need for efficient storage and organisation of goods. They’re really useful for storing items that need easy access, such as frequently-picked products or inventory that needs to be quickly found and retrieved.

Metal shelves are also ideal for holding heavy or bulky items - they can withstand significant weight without compromising structural integrity. Metal shelving is also a great option for warehouses with limited space because they can be easily configured to maximise vertical storage capacity.

Find the perfect metal shelving system for your warehouse - see our range of metal shelving units here, or take a look at our Product Highlights section below.

We are trusted to provide a wide range of high-quality metal retail shelving units designed to meet the specific requirements of different warehouses. If you’re unsure of which shelving unit to go for, please contact us for expert advice.

How will metal retail shelving transform a warehouse?

Investing in metal retail shelving can:

•Optimise storage capacity in the warehouse, including vertical storage capacity.
• Allow businesses to store more products in a smaller footprint.
• Improve organisation and efficiency in the warehouse - with clearly-defined storage areas and easy access, employees can quickly locate items, reducing the time and effort on order fulfilment. In turn, this can lead to higher productivity levels and improved customer satisfaction.
• Enhance safety in the warehouse, reducing the risk of accidents caused by improperly-stored products or collapsing shelves, and minimising the potential for damaged goods.

Product Highlights

Wire Stainless Steel Shelving 1830H x 1212W x 458D - next day delivery

This hassle-free wire shelving unit has a fully stainless steel finish, catering to the requirements of many businesses, including companies operating warehouses, retail facilities and storage rooms. This wire stainless steel shelving unit is in high demand and RackZone stocks it in Ireland for next day delivery.

Order online or call 090 9673261 before 3pm and our expert team can get your order to you next business day. We deliver to all areas of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, including Dublin, Belfast, Limerick, Galway and Cork.

The premium stainless steel construction means it’s robust and corrosion resistant, while its wire design gives enhanced visibility and cleanliness, reducing dust build-up. It provides optimal airflow for storing items that need ventilation (like linens and perishables). Each adjustable shelf can hold up to 300kg, accommodating various item sizes.

Easy Rack Galvanise 2000H x 1000W x 400D 5 Level 10 Bay Special - free delivery!

This is a popular option for retail store rooms and retailers who also want to display their products to their customers in their modern shop floor. Sleek and sturdy, these high-performance, galvanised open shelving units (2 starter + 8 extenders) have five levels per bay. 

It’s an extremely versatile metal shelving product, ideal for retail, warehouses, commercial, light industrial and domestic environments.

The free access from both sides is handy for storing longer items, while the patented modular design allows for easy lengthening by adding one or more of the system’s extenders. And only a rubber mallet is needed for the simple, boltless assembly.

Also available as:

Easy Rack Galvanise 2000H x 1000W x 400D 5 Level 5 Bay Special - free delivery

Easy Rack Galvanise 5 Level 2000H x 1000W x 400D 20 Bay Special - free delivery

Need more information? Please contact a member of the RackZone team on +353 (0)90 9673261 or email us here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is metal shelving the best option for warehouses?

Metal shelving is often considered the best option for warehouses due to its durability, strength and versatility. Metal retail shelving can withstand heavy loads and resist damage from impacts, making it ideal for the demanding environment of a warehouse. Additionally, metal shelves are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a long lifespan and cost-effectiveness. Their ability to be adjusted and reconfigured allows for efficient use of space and adaptability to changing storage needs. Overall, metal shelving offers a reliable and flexible storage solution for warehouses.

Are metal shelves the best for heavy duty items?

Yes, metal shelves are the best option for heavy duty items. They are specifically designed to handle substantial weight without bending or breaking. The robust construction of metal retail shelving provides the necessary support for storing heavy tools, equipment and bulk goods. Unlike wooden or plastic alternatives, metal shelves do not warp under pressure and offer superior stability. This makes them an excellent choice for environments where heavy-duty storage is required, ensuring safety and efficiency in handling heavy items.