Outgrown clothing, Christmas decorations, family photographs and forgotten tools and equipment all have one thing in common - they’re all in your attic. An attic can be a great place to store everything there's no space for within your home, but, over time, it can become a helpless mess if it is not kept organised. The attic within your home is a space that has so much potential but without the correct storage solutions, it can be hard to keep everything tidy and organised. Instead of coming down with camping equipment when you went up to source your Christmas tree, why not consider these 6 attic storage ideas to help you eliminate the chaos and maximise your space? 

1) Utilise durable storage containers 

Attics are exposed to temperature and humidity changes as well as dust, for this reason, you should consider utilising air-tight plastic storage containers for all belongings to protect them from any moisture or damage. Unlight cardboard boxes, plastic storage containers are more durable and are easy to stack and accessible. More often than not, plastic containers also come equipped with handles making it easy to move them around and get them up and down from the attic with ease. Here at RackZone, we stock a variety of durable storage containers that are the perfect solution for any attic. Both of our attached lid containers and transparent storage boxes are the ideal solution to store anything from old clothes, unused toys or seasonal decorations. 

2) Keep smaller items in plastic drawers 

While plastic storage containers are perfect for large items, smaller items such as desk or art supplies can easily get lost at the bottom of a bin. Plastic pull-out drawers are ideal for storing any smaller objects that are prone to being misplaced. They will still protect all your belongings from any dust or moisture whilst keeping them safe and accessible all in one place. Our plastic drawer boxes come in a variety of different sizes and allow you to ensure your bits and bobs are intact yet still reachable whenever you need them. The clear, polystyrene plastic also allows you to easily see into the drawers to identify which items are located where, or you can label the fronts of the drawers for greater organisation! 

3) Install shelves for easy access 

If your attic is equipt, install shelves to help you save space. Shelves are the perfect way to make use of vertical space whilst allowing you to store all your belongings in an efficient and organised manner. Shelving units are key to improving accessibility, so rather than deconstructing a tower of 

bins every time you want something, you can conveniently slide out the container you need. Depending on the size of your attic and the use of the shelves,, we have a variety of shelving units that are light yet durable making them the perfect storage solution. Our value shelving or our plastic shelving systems are easy to install yet long-lasting making them a great choice for your attic. 

4) Use a pegboard or slatwall to maximise space 

If possible, installing a pegboard or slatwall is an excellent storage idea in an unfinished attic. It’s an easy way to display and keep track of tools and other supplies. Pegboards and slatwalls are also fully customizable and allow you to add hook accessories that cleanly fit in. You can also add cubbyholes, baskets or shelving to store any other lightweight items you may need. At RackZone,

we have all you need to install a slatwall system accompanied by any hook accessories needed for any of your sporting equipment or tools. 

5) Hang any miscellaneous items with hooks 

It's likely that not everything you would like to store in the attic will be compact enough to hang on a pegboard or fit neatly into bins. Screw-in hooks make it easy to hang up additional items like wreaths, sporting goods, and tools. Just screw a hook into a stud in the wall and it's good to go. Additionally, you could consider placing two hooks next to each other to hold up a basket by its handle which you can then use to store any of your smaller items or tools. 

6) Make use of a filing cabinet 

If there is adequate room within your attic why not make use of a filing cabinet? They are the perfect solution for storing any important paperwork or documents you have lying around the house if you do not have a home office. This attic organisation idea makes it easy to categorise and retrieve folders efficiently while also making sure everything is kept safe and secure in one place. There are a variety of lightweight filing cabinets on the market which are ideal for any attic. 

Now that you know the best ways to organise your attic, you’ll no longer have to spend hours rooting through all of your belongings to find what you need. Here at RackZone, we can provide you with all the necessary storage solutions to make this transformation a breeze, for further information on any of our great products please do not hesitate to contact us on +353 (0)90 9673261 or email us at [email protected].