Have you ever stepped on a stray Lego brick and grimaced at the surprisingly intense pain? It's a common experience for parents, children, and Lego enthusiasts alike. Luckily, we at RackZone have the solution you need. We’ve put together some top Lego storage ideas that will turn your Lego chaos into an organised haven. With a vast array of Lego sets and pieces available today, keeping track of all your bricks can be a daunting task. Enter RackZone's Tilt Bins, Bin Racks, Visible Storage Boxes, Slatwall, and Slatwall hooks, perfect for keeping your Lego collection organised, easy to access, and while also looking great in your home. 


1. Visible Storage Boxes: See Your Collection

For those who enjoy displaying their Lego collection, our Visible Storage Boxes are a go-to storage solution. Made of transparent material, these boxes allow you to see exactly what's inside, making it easy to locate specific sets or pieces - allowing you to style them however you like. Furthermore, they're stackable, saving you valuable space while keeping your Lego collection neat and tidy.

A go-to product in this collection would be the Hobby Box. With 24 compartments available, specifically designed for activities such as lego collecting. You will have a great amount of space to accommodate your lego pieces. The drawers are also transparent, allowing for ease of identification. Shelving is also available for these storage boxes, allowing you to not only store your lego efficiently but display your collection in a tidy, professional manner. 

  lego storage ideas plastic drawers in use

(Image of a customer using RackZone’s visible storage boxes to store their lego pieces)


2. Tilt Bins: Clear the Clutter

Our Tilt Bins are a perfect option for a dedicated Lego enthusiast. With clear, tilted compartments, these bins allow you to sort and store your Lego bricks by colour, size, or set, making it easier to find exactly what you need for your next creation. Moreover, the tilt feature ensures easy access and visibility, ensuring that no piece gets left behind. One of our tilt bin products that may prove most effective is our Tilt Bin System 800h x 600w. The durable plastic on these bins can hold a variety of objects at varying weights, making this product ideal for a dense lego collection. Jessica Farrell, a lego artist, was profiled by The Irish Times, illustrating her use of RackZone’s tilt bins to optimise her lego storage.



3. Bin Racks: Stacking Made Simple

As with Tilt Bins, our Bin Racks are ideal for the avid Lego builder with an expansive collection. These racks are sturdy and come with multiple bins, perfect for sorting and storing larger Lego sets. The convenience of pulling out a bin full of the pieces you need makes building more enjoyable and less time-consuming. 

One such example of the perfect Bin rack solution is our Bin Organiser with wheels, which includes different-sized compartments for lego pieces of all sizes, while also having an aesthetic appeal with different coloured bins, enhancing the presentation of your lego layout. This particular bin rack is also mobile, making it ideal for rejigging your layout.

If you want to keep your storage solution in a set location, our robust static bin rack is the perfect option. 


4. Part Bins: Your Lego Organiser Powerhouse

Similarly to bin racks, RackZone's Part Bins present a robust, flexible option for your Lego storage needs. Sold in boxes of varying quantities, these durable, stackable plastic containers are ideal for managing your expanding Lego collection. With a variety of sizes available, you can customise your storage solution to fit everything from tiny specialty pieces to larger Lego bricks. 

Take a look for yourself at this lego enthusiast using part bins for their expansive collection in this Pinterest article.


5. Tool Organisers: A Versatile Lego Storage Solution

Tool Organisers bring another layer of flexibility and are perfect for those looking for a smaller lego storage option. These robust organisers are not only great for storing small tools, but they're also ideal for Lego bricks, especially for the little pieces that are easy to lose. This tool will allow you to discreetly stow away your lego collection if that’s your preference.  

Measuring 242W x 185D x 60H mm, our small parts assortment box features sixteen removable internal boxes that can be configured to your needs. Need a larger compartment for those bigger Lego bricks or unique pieces? Simply remove some boxes to create the space you need. 

Here’s an example on Pinterest of a lego collector using a tool organiser to store their pieces.



With these Lego storage ideas from RackZone, you can finally enjoy your Lego building time without the hassle of searching for that elusive piece or dealing with a painful Lego-underfoot incident. Our products are designed to keep your Lego collection organised and accessible, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: building and creating.

We deliver to all parts of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. If you order before 3pm, we can get it to you the next business day anywhere in the country. So, are you ready to step up your Lego storage game? Discover our range of Tilt Bins, Bin Racks, Visible Storage Boxes, Slatwall, and Slatwall Hooks. Contact our trained team, online or by phone. We’re ready to assist you in choosing the best storage solution for your needs.