Operational efficiency is key when it comes to picking and packing products in a warehouse. In order to make sure that your warehouse runs as efficiently as possible, you need the right resources for the job. That's where our industrial workbenches come in. 

Our benches provide a stable surface that is perfect for handling and packaging customer orders. They are designed to enable you to pick and pack products quickly and efficiently. With our workbenches, you can streamline your pick and pack processes to improve your bottom line!


What does the pick and pack process involve?

The pick and pack process usually involves four main steps: 

Picking the products from their shelves or storage areas, packaging the products into boxes or containers, labelling the packages with destination information and shipping the packages out to their final destinations. With our workbenches, you can easily carry out all of these steps, facilitating increased efficiency for your warehouse.

Here are some examples of how our workbenches can help you improve your pick and pack processes:


Order Picking

Order picking is the process of retrieving customer orders from pigeon holes or warehouse racks and preparing them for packaging. 

Our workbenches are perfect for ensuring your operations can run as efficiently as possible. They are ergonomically designed to provide you with a practical workspace which can help you achieve and maintain optimum productivity. Our spacious workbenches can easily incorporate Part Bins to organise picking order lists, so no order goes unaccounted for. 


Packaging & Shipping

After items have been picked, they need to be packed into boxes or other containers for shipping. 

As mentioned above, our workbenches can easily incorporate Part Bins, a great addition to organise the equipment needed for packaging.  Our workbenches are designed to hold packaging material under the benchtop to efficiently utilise space in the warehouse. Most modern warehouses run at max capacity due to the rising costs of outsourcing storage space and the rising building costs for constructing new warehouses. Therefore maximising the utilisation of space in your company’s warehouse is a key component in improving your bottom line. 


When designing our workbenches, we incorporated the mindset to reduce space utilisation. Our ample design includes a roll holder for wrapping material that sits below the table top to reduce the need for additional equipment taking up valuable floor space. 


When it comes to picking and packing orders in a warehouse, operational efficiency is crucial. If you're looking for a way to improve your warehouse's efficiency, our workbenches are the ideal solution. We have the products and expertise in storage and racking solutions to ensure you get the most out of your warehouse operations. Here at RackZone, our workbenches are just one example of how we can help to make your warehouse more efficient. 

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