Successful businesses often face the problem of dealing with full warehouses. Even during slow periods, warehouse space fills up very quickly. A warehouse usually runs out of space due to rapid growth, bulk buying, manufacturing shutdowns, a decline in sales, seasonal peaks or facility consolidation. In many cases, expansion may not be an option due to a lack of vacant space or high rent costs. 

Improving your storage capacity can easily be achieved with a few simple changes. In this blog, we will take you through how RackZone can assist you in maximising your warehouse space for optimum efficiency and convenience, helping you to save money, avoid missed sales and increase productivity. 

Optimise vertical space

The first step to maximising warehouse space is to ensure that the facility's entire vertical space is effectively utilized. More often than not, this space is neglected and not used to its utmost capacity resulting in a great deal of space wastage. Optimising the vertical capacity at hand is a simple yet strategic way to effectively utilise your space. 

Here at RackZone, we have a variety of products on offer that can help optimise this unused space. We offer long-span racking units in a variety of lengths and widths to suit any warehouse. Additionally, a wide range of mobile steps are available in many different heights and colours to assist in reaching those higher levels. Shop both our long-span units and mobile steps on our website today. 

Effectively consider the depth of your storage space

A good tip when making the most out of the space you have at hand is to re-evaluate the space and re-consider the ways in which it can be used. Using all of the height in your warehouse available is vital, but don’t forget about the depth of your storage. Additionally, decreasing the width of the aisles between your racking, if possible, can extend your available warehouse storage and add some much-needed square footage. 

Our long-span racking units not only come in a variety of lengths and widths but also depths which makes maximising warehouse space simple!

Utilize storage containers

Organisation is crucial for a neat and efficient warehouse. All stock should have a place and be organised strategically. Relevant products should remain together and boxes and containers should be condensed when stock is sold. Containers are a great way to store items within a warehouse as they can be easily located, stacked and stored. 

We have a wide range of containers available here at RackZone, including but not limited to, attached lid containers, parts bins and visible storage boxes. Not only that but we also offer bin racks in a variety of sizes which are perfect for pick and pack stations. Shop all boxes, containers and racks here

Adequate pallet management

Consolidating pallets or implementing adequate pallet management is a great way to free up space within your warehouse. Merging items together from several partially empty pallets is sometimes overlooked but can be very helpful when you’re tight on space. Stacking and storing consolidated stock creates more floor or shelf space that can be better utilised. Additionally, if possible, considering upgrading equipment can create a more efficient warehouse in turn maximising the space available. Pallet exchangers and inverters can help you save time by safely and tidily turning, tilting, and moving pallets from pallet racks. 

Industrial pallet racking is available in a range of sizes and at a variety of price points to suit everyone. Shop our wide range of pallet racking and racking accessories here.

Install a mezzanine

Lastly, if your building layout and budget permit, consider installing the use of a mezzanine that can support functions that don’t require high-bay storage. This is a costly and permanent upgrade however, it is a great way to maximise the warehouse space you currently have at your disposal.

Our wide variety of shelving units are the perfect simple storage solution, suitable for use on a mezzanine. We have a variety of options including metal shelving, chrome shelving, plastic shelving and much more. If this sounds like what you need in your warehouse, you can shop them here.

Implementing any of the ideas above will assist you when maximising your warehouse space. It is important to keep in mind that every warehouse has specific operational requirements that must be addressed. If you don’t have adequate space, why not make it? Here at RackZone, we can help solve all your warehouse storage issues. With cost-effective options and free nationwide delivery, why not have a look at our website today!