The shed is frequently used as a dumping ground for all of our rarely used tools, old children's toys, and Christmas decorations, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a disaster. A storage shed should be used to assist you in keeping your belongings organized and properly stored. You'll waste a lot of valuable time looking for tools and belongings if you don't maintain your shed on a regular basis. Here at RackZone, we have compiled a list of our 5 top tips that can help you transform your shed into an effective, tidy and convenient storage space. 


1. Invest in free-standing metal shelving

If you need to store plastic bins and storage containers, free-standing metal shelving is an excellent choice. Depending on how you need to organize your items, you can move the shelving around. Metal shelves are quite robust and they have a grated bottom that allows debris and dust to fall through. They're also sturdy, allowing you to put large goods on the bottom shelf.

We offer free-standing metal shelving in a variety of different colours, sizes, heights and widths perfect for all your shed organisation needs. 

2. Utilise plastic containers/parts bins

Plastic storage boxes and parts bins provide excellent storage solutions for gardening tools, cables, cords, hardware, and other assorted items. You can put them on shelves, stack them on top of one another, and move them around the shed easily. Another great tactic is to use sticky labels/tags on the tubs, that will allow you to quickly locate something without having to hunt through the entire shed.

Choose the one that best meets your requirements from RackZone today, we have a wide range on offer including parts bins in a range of sizes and attached lid containers suitable for efficient shed organisation. 

3. Install a slat wall

Power tools, ladders, and garden hoses may all be stored in one convenient place with a shed wall organizer with slat panels. Another simple storage solution is to install bucket holders and hooks into the slat wall, allowing you to store objects of any size. 

Our Slatwall Garden Rack or our Slatwall Sports Rack are ideal for organising a variety of garden items, sports equipment and more, keeping your garden shed tidy and efficient. 

4. Get a workbench

If space in your shed allows, why not invest in a workbench. One of the most versatile and useful pieces of furniture in a shed is a useful workbench. They provide a wide range of advantages such as having a dedicated workspace with adequate room to take on larger projects, they offer storage solutions to store all of your tools and equipment safely and easily, and they provide a safe space to work on a range of projects including mechanical or electrical work which require dedicated areas.

At RackZone we have a wide range of workbenches on offer which can be customised to fit the size of your space.

5. Purchase tool organisers

Keep your toolboxes and drawers tidy with our tool organisers. We offer an assortment of tool organisers for all requirements such as our wall tool organiser which is great when freeing up space, as well as our plastic trunk, small parts assortment boxes and modular tool box.

This collection is very helpful when arranging your tools and equipment for safekeeping and easy locating. 

Everyone gets tired of tripping over equipment and other items in their garden shed, garage, or storage room. Now you’ve got some top tips for shed storage ideas for inspiration, nothing should hold you back from improving your garden tool storage. Here at RackZone, we can provide you with all the necessary storage solutions to make this transformation a breeze, for further information on any of our great products please do not hesitate to contact us on +353 (0)90 9673261 or email us at [email protected].