The workplace can be a very hazardous environment, especially when the correct safety precautions are not implemented. Oftentimes as a result of this, many individuals get injured at work which can leave them dealing with health problems for prolonged periods of time. In addition to this, workplace accidents can result in businesses being out a fortune on insurance and medical bills etc. When it comes to designing or maintaining an industrial environment such as a factory floor or warehouse, matting may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, industrial mats are of great importance, especially when it comes to employee health and safety. Floor mats can even help boost productivity and reduce time off work.

In this post, we highlight a few of the many reasons why floor mats are so important for warehouse safety.


1. Accidents are significantly reduced

This is perhaps the key benefit of the use of floor mats within a warehouse, industrial mats reduce the risk of slips and falls and in doing so make the workplace a safer environment, whilst also reducing the risk of lawsuits. On average, half of all industrial workplace accidents are caused by slipping and a huge proportion of these would have been avoidable had there been suitable matting down. A large portion of industrial mats are anti-slip, ensuring accidents as a result of spills or water leaks are avoided.

Additionally, industrial mats can be manufactured with warning labels printed on them which can further reduce the likelihood of accidents happening within the workspace. These warnings can be anything from pointing out nearby equipment or simply be the visual bright markings that signify caution (for instance black and yellow stripes around the edge of equipment).


2. Absorb sounds and vibrations

Warehouses can be extremely noisy environments as a result of the use of heavy machinery, other equipment and employees talking to each other. Installing noise reducing floor mats within a warehouse significantly reduces noise levels as the material of the mats absorbs it substantially. High noise levels can have a great impact on productivity levels and can really interfere with the duties expected from employees. Not only that, but when employees are exposed to high noise levels for prolonged periods of time, it can have detrimental effects on their hearing and ear health. Not all industrial floor mats are able to absorb noises. So, if this feature is important to you, your employees and your business, make sure that the mats you purchase will suffice.


3. Reduce materials being damaged

In the workplace, it can be difficult to avoid human errors. If a piece of glass falls on the floor, it will shatter. The use of matting on the floor can aid to prevent material damage. The impact will be absorbed by the mat if a delicate material is dropped onto it, as compared to a hard floor without matting installed causing materials to shatter upon impact. Minimising materials being shattered also reduces the likelihood of workers accidentally injuring themselves on broken materials


4. Reduce employee stress and fatigue

Many industrial floor mats are designed to reduce stress and fatigue on the human body. These mats provide a comfortable space for employees to stand as standing for prolonged periods of time puts a great deal of unnecessary strain on the body. When employees are comfortable performing their tasks, they stress less and concentrate on the task at hand in turn increasing productivity and employee morale.


5. Floor mats keep the workspace clean and encourage high standards

Attention to detail is essential for keeping any area clean and up to code. If the floor is mucky and dirty, people will be less concerned, and this attitude will spread to other areas of tidiness. A clean floor, on the other hand, tends to stay that way because people are more proud of it and are less likely to track dirt and muck around. Industrial floor mats make it easy to maintain a clean floor by removing dirt and dust from the doorway areas and preventing it from entering the work area. A clean work environment is a safe work environment which promotes productivity and efficiency.


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