Wire mesh shelving and decking are considered to be great storage solutions by many due to them being safer and more reliable than some other pallet rack shelving. Mesh wire decking offers a sturdy metal open-weave pattern. The sections of decking fit between or over the pallet rack's support beams, depending on the model. There are a variety of advantages to wire mesh shelving units such as the durable, long-lasting construction, the efficient and simple installation process and the cost-effectiveness of the product. These advantages are why wire mesh shelving is so popular within many industries for their operations, including food, retail and warehousing. However, any sector that uses pallet racks can also add to their usefulness with wire decking. The decking offers better support and light and air filtering between the beams.

We have compiled a list of few  of the many uses for wire mesh shelving units within this blog post, keep reading to see how you can utilise wire mesh shelving and decking within your business.


1. Warehouses and Manufacturing 

The most common use for wire mesh shelving and decking is within warehouses and for manufacturing processes. Wire shelving and decking can support corrugated pallets as they are lighter than wood and require additional support from the decking. This win-win situation decreases the use of wood while ensuring the safe support of the store's pallets. Mesh decking can also be used in warehouses and manufacturing facilities to improve health and safety measures. As the decks are nonflammable, they provide extra stability under the pallets while also lowering the chance of fire spreading.

2. Retail Facilities

Although retail facilities do not often resemble warehouses, many businesses such as outlet stores and similar establishments may utilise wire mesh shelving units where customers shop. A fantastic example of the use of these on the shop floor is within the well-established furniture store, Ikea. Customers may shop on pallet racks in outlet stores and similar establishments. Pallet racks have been installed on the sale floor of furniture manufacturer Ikea. Wire decking was added to the store's pallet racks as part of a two-part strategy to limit the use of wood pallets. They decided to use corrugated pallets instead of wooden ones. Wire decking provided additional support on the pallet racks for these lightweight pallets.

3. Food Operations

Wire decking can be used in the food industry to keep products more sanitary. The woven pattern promotes ventilation while reducing bacteria growth from spills. Pests cannot readily crawl to the food inside the palletized containers since the surfaces do not collect dust.


There are various types of wire mesh decking including drop-in flush decking, waterfall wise mesh decking, step channel decking and much more. It's important to note that wire mesh shelving and decking can be very effective, but only when used safely. The amount of support these can provide to the pallets above them is determined by their weight capacity and decking type. Both people and inventory could be seriously harmed if these safety precautions are not followed. When using wire decking, the mesh chosen must be appropriate for the load it must support. Wire decking should not be used to hold up any heavy pallet. Unless the pallet is lightweight or empty, match the wire mesh decking load to the pallet and don't let the decking be the primary method of support. Pallets should be placed in such a way that they produce a consistently distributed load, which happens when the products on the pallets cover the decking to all edges — front to rear and side to side. 

If you have pallet racks, upgrade them with the right wire mesh decking. We have complete storage solutions, including the racking systems and decking here at RackZone. If you would like to get started in utilising the right wire mesh shelving & decking for your facility, contact us on +353 (0)90 9673261 or email us at [email protected]