The 5S lean strategy is a strategy that helps to make problems in your warehouse visible and easily solved. Having a clean and organised warehouse doesn’t just leave the place looking great it also ensures that operations run smoothly and issues are identified and resolved quickly. In this blog we look at the benefits of the 5S lean strategy and how you can implement it as part of your daily schedule. 



Sort is the first ‘S’ and refers to sorting your warehouse in such a manner that results in the most efficient process. For some this may be sorting by type of object, size of object or by order of cycle. Once the right categories and sort criteria are established it’s important to ensure that there is a place for everything. Once your categorisation has been decided upon, storage solutions such as longspan racking and industrial pallet racking become important. Longspan racking is made for high load capacities and can be easily extended and reconfigured to accommodate changes including relocation or stock increases.  Industrial pallet racking is a functional warehouse storage solution ideal for maximising storage space in your warehouse.



This stage of the 5S lean strategy is often interpreted as straighten or streamline. It encourages a streamlined warehouse setup. This setup should have the shortest possible distance between each step reducing time wastage and speeding up your warehouse processes.



A warehouse that follows the 5S Lean Strategy puts a huge focus on cleanliness. Clean warehouses aren’t just about aesthetics but ensure a safer working environment as well as freeing up space leading to greater productivity. It’s not a surprise that a clean warehouse operates better but it is surprising that many warehouses skip this important step. When considering this stage of the process we recommend the use of storage solutions such as euro containers and attached lid containers to hold both smaller items of stock and miscellaneous items. Discover our range of containers and boxes here.



Standardising is one of the key hallmarks of the 5S lean strategy. An example of this in action is the use of standardised labels to differentiate stock items. Labels that contain all necessary information for the specific container or product will help to increase efficiency. Standardising also refers to having a set of procedures in place for the standardisation of tasks through the use of documents that explain each task, role and job. This leads to clarity among employees around their roles.



The final step in the 5S lean methodology is sustaining what you have implemented. The successful implementation of the 5S methodology will lead to an efficient process where there is a transparent and visible way to track every action within the warehouse. The sustain aspect of the methodology also involves regular analysis and reassessment and a prioritising of continuous improvement.

Implementing the 5S lean methodology into your warehouse will yield fantastic results, creating an environment where problems are immediately visible and employees are empowered and engaged to solve them. 



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