Agile-lean means 78878 delivering value for your business frequently and consistently while being able to adapt to changing needs. While many businesses aspire to be agile it’s important to put plans in place to develop the agile-lean approach within your business so the goal is achievable. Becoming agile-lean requires a strong commitment to achieving excellence.


Here at RackZone we have successfully helped warehouses, factories and stockroom facilities to develop a way of being agile thanks to our numerous adaptable, efficient solutions. In this blog we look at how our solutions can help you to create a lean and agile business. 


Storage & Organisation


Here at RackZone we offer a wide range of storage solutions to aid the organisation of your warehouse, factory or storage facility. When everything has a clear location and organisational structure your workforce’s productivity will skyrocket as time is no longer spent looking for misplaced items. Implementing a structured storage system will empower your employees to get on with the task at hand without spending unnecessary time looking for the tools they need to get their jobs done.


Shelving provides the perfect location for frequently used tools in a garage setting while our wide range of containers and bins make for the perfect location to store smaller tools and items which may be used less frequently and are therefore more easily misplaced.


Shelving and Pallet Racking


Although it might sound simple, the right shelving can greatly improve productivity and customer satisfaction. Without the right shelving solution when your workers are picking products for dispatch their job can become difficult with the need to trapse up and down the warehouse to look for certain items. This creates both employee dissatisfaction and customer dissatisfaction with longer times spent sourcing products and longer times waiting for products while overall decreasing productivity. 


Our wide range of shelving and pallet racking solutions are adaptable and over time can be easily adjusted to fit your growing needs as a business allowing you to be agile to changes within your immediate space and within the wider industry. 


The benefits of the agile-lean approach include creating a business that is more responsive to customer needs as well as having a more engaged and empowered workforce. With better organisation and layout achieved through RackZone’s solutions comes better employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, efficiency and the ability to quickly pivot and adapt when changes happen in your industry. 


Here at RackZone we specialise in Pallet Racking and Longspan Shelving amongst many other storage products. We aim to give you great products at a great price with exceptional service. Place your orders online or contact us over the phone where our experienced team will be able to advise you on the shelving which will best suit your needs and help you to execute the agile-lean approach in your business.