Here is why you need next day delivery for your storage solution: No matter how well you plan your storage needs – whether it’s for your own DIY project or your small local business – there may always be moments when your needs exceed your anticipation. In such circumstances, what’s better than a storage solution that’s delivered and set up by the next day? 


At RackZone, we understand the importance of storage products and the urgency of your needs! Hence, we have an efficient next day distribution system that allows you to acquire your favourite store items as quickly as possible. 


In this blog, we have summarised 4 advantages of our next day delivery services for you to make sure your workspace is never cluttered!


#1: 24-hour delivery 

One reason why some brick and mortar retailers are still in business is that there will always be moments when you need something last minute that cannot wait for days to be delivered. With our next day delivery system, we have realised this need and offer you basically the same speed, but without the need for you to drive to the shops. 


Our 40.000sq ft warehouse allows us to hold large quantities of stock including pallet racking, shelving and plastic storage containers. All our orders are picked the very same day and are ready for collection by our 24-hour delivery partners within minutes.


Hence, if you place your order with us before 3 pm from Monday to Thursday, you will get your delivery the very next day! 


Order Day  Delivery Day if you oder before 3pm Delivery Day if you order after 3pm
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Wednesday Thursday Friday
Thursday Friday Monday
Friday Monday Tuesday
Saturday Tuesday Tuesday
Sunday Tuesday Tuesday


#2: Less cost for you - free delivery on bulk orders

If that sounds appealing, you will be happy to hear that it gets even better. Probably the only delivery option that outshines fast delivery is free delivery. When opting for bulk shelving orders of 5, 10 or 20 bay orders at RackZone the delivery is for FREE! If you purchase additional items (excluding Longspan and Pallet Racking) the order delivery shall remain free. 


This grabbed your interest? Find out more about our shelving solutions here


#3: Next day delivery? Time-saver!

Rather than driving to a DIY store to look for the perfect storage solution, only to find out that the products you really want are out of stock and not suitable for your needs – you can save a lot of time and effort by simply ordering the storage solution of your dreams through our website. Your order is placed within a few minutes and delivered door-to-door by the next day. 


Are you ready to try it out yourself? Find our wide-ranging storage solutions here.


#4: Clarity is key

One element that is understandably very important to our customers is clarity, meaning clear communication at all delivery points with transparent pricing at checkout and the chance to specify when or where the delivery will arrive. After all, nothing is worse than an expensive next-day delivery service if your package only arrives a week later. 


At RackZone we know our customers well and provide you with: 

  1. A complete explanation of the delivery service on our website
  2. Updates and communication while your package is in transit
  3. Confirmation of when your package has safely been delivered


Try it out yourself

As you can see, there are many advantages to our next day delivery system. And yet, the only way to find out if what we are talking about is actually true or mainly hot air is by trying it out yourself! Find out all you need to know about our delivery information today, place your first order with us and have it delivered to you tomorrow. 

Don’t know which storage solution best suits your needs? Get in touch with us to discuss your options further at +353 (0)90 9673261 or email us at [email protected].