Tool organisers are an essential piece of organisational equipment for a whole host of professions including electricians, carpenters and builders but they are equally useful for your at-home tool storage. Tool organisers come with many benefits and in this blog, we’ll explore these benefits and how best to maximise the effectiveness of tool organisers.





  • Reduce time wasted



With the correct tool organisation in place, you will save yourself time otherwise spent searching various tool bags and locations to find your much needed tools. When your tools are not organised, you can unintentionally waste time trying to locate these tools or trying to find their storage place once finished with them. Implementing a thorough storage and organisation routine will allow you to easily find and put back your tools.



  • Avoid damage or misplacements



Tools are certainly not cheap and without the right organisation they can easily become misplaced or damaged leading to unnecessary repairs and purchases. These replacements and repairs can quickly add up and can be a huge cost to your company. With the right organisation you can rest assured that you know where your tools are and that they’re perfectly protected.



  • Increase efficiency



A significant amount of time and energy can be saved when tools are kept in the sequence used or in locations where workers can easily access them. 



  • Customer satisfaction



With increased organisation and efficiency comes increased customer satisfaction as the jobs they need done are fulfilled faster. 



  • Employee satisfaction



Equally when a workplace is organised, efficient and neat, employees are happy, can get on with the job that needs to be done and are ultimately more satisfied than if they were working in unorganised settings. 


Maximise the effectiveness of your tool organisers


There are a number of ways to get the most out of your tool organisation solution, but our top tips are:



  • Decide what solution works best for you



No matter how good the storage solution is, if it's not fit for its purpose then it won’t live up to your expectations. If you consistently work from a garage or workshop then a hanging wall tool organiser will be the ideal solution allowing you to view and access all tools required when needed. However, if your job frequently brings you to other people’s homes or building sites then a plastic tool box will be your best solution.



  • Make use of dividers



If a portable toolbox is your best solution, then it’s important to further organise this solution through the use of dividers. Dividers help to make your toolbox multifunctional and allow it to cater to a range of tool sizes.



  • Choose more than one solution



One tool organiser may not be enough. If you have a broad spectrum of tools from heavy duty large items to smaller pieces you may want to consider several tool storage options. A small parts assortment box will be ideal for small screws, nails and washers while a plastic trunk will keep your larger, less often used tools safe, secure and organised.

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