Storing your tyres in an efficient and organised manner will help to maximise your use of space while maintaining the quality of the tyres. Tyre storage solutions are the perfect option for garages, pre-NCT centres or workshops providing you with the safest and most efficient storage solution.


In this blog we look at the benefits of tyre storage solutions for your garage or workshop.


Ease of installation


One of the biggest selling points of tyre racking solutions is their ease of installation. Tyre storage racks can easily be installed and customised according to your requirements. The various tiers can be customised as per the size of the tyres allowing you to quickly set up your solution and store a wide range of tyre sizes.


Show off your selection


As well as being the ideal solution to store your tyres, tyre storage racks are also a great method of showing your tyre selection to your customers. Easily and effectively educate your customers on the tyre solutions available to them while making the offering look attractive and professional.




Tyre storage racks can be wall mounted or used on the floor giving you the option to install the solution that best fits your requirements. Save space in smaller garages by opting for wall mounted tyre racks or store a wider range of tyres in larger garages using floor stand options.




Open from one side, it is very easy to remove and replace tyres from and on the racking system. Specially made to hold tyres, tyre racking solutions provide an effective storage solution for an otherwise difficult to store item.




Safety is paramount in garage settings and having your tyres stored away off open floor space and in secure racking reduces the risk of accidents in your space.


Protect from damage


Storing tyres directly on the floor is not only dangerous but can also damage the tyres. Tyre storage racks ensure that your tyres are securely stored with enough support so that even during off-peak seasons they remain in good condition ready for the next season.


It’s clear that tyre racking systems are an integral part of effective tyre storage and display and provide a versatile, accessible solution for tyre storage. 


Maximize storage and organisation in your tyre depot, pre-NCT centre or workshop with a new tyre rack system. Each shelf level on our tyre racking systems can be easily adjusted to suit multiple different sizes of tyres. Available in a wide range of heights and widths meaning we're sure to have the right solution for your workplace.


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