When we think of warehouse safety equipment the first things that come to mind tend to be first aid kits and protective clothing. However, warehouse safety goes far beyond steel capped boots and bandages. 

Pallet Racking systems are material handling systems ideal for any business that wants to maximise storage space. With the use of pallet racking comes the need for warehouse safety equipment to ensure the safety of both your employees and your stock. In this blog we explore the potential safety risks associated with pallet racking and how to combat these using our range of pallet racking accessories


Pallet Racking Dangers and Safety Equipment


Forklift Collision

Although pallet racking systems are made to be extremely durable when put up against the force of a forklift collision physical damage can occur. When a forklift collision occurs, damaged frames should be quickly assessed and repaired or replaced if the structural integrity has been compromised. It is important to train workers in reporting any damage to pallet racking as damage to load bearing columns can contribute to the collapse of pallet racking.

Warehouse safety equipment such as frame protectors should be used to prevent or minimise the damage caused to pallet racking systems in the event of a forklift collision. Frame Protectors provide protection to the end of racking. Protective components in your warehouse racking system such as frame protectors eliminate mechanical damage to warehouse racks caused by impacts from material handling equipment. Any damage to the structural component of a rack results in a reduction in its load-bearing capacity meaning reduced efficiency and a potential safety hazard if stocked at its original capacity. 

The use of Upright Flat Protectors reduces the damage caused by impact loads. They are particularly important for installations with fast moving or heavy products and are essential for the safety and lifetime of your racking.

Upright Angle Protectors also reduce the damage caused by impact loads. An extremely effective piece of warehouse safety equipment, especially for situations such as forklifts backing into an upright or hitting it with a lowered load on the way to load or unload. Finished in safety yellow and easy to install they protect the most vulnerable part of a rack frame – the base plate and lower leg.


Overhanging Products

Overhanging products on your pallet racking can cause product damage as well as posing a safety risk to employees. Commission custom made pallet racking or consider the use of longspan shelving to ensure your products are safely stored with no overhang. Longspan shelving is also particularly useful for high load capacities of heavy items and bulk storage ensuring your racking is not overloaded.


Improper Use

Making use of a pallet racking system in any other way outside of what it is designed for is a safety hazard. Ensure all those making use of pallet racking have adequate training including the weight limits of the racking and training in the use of any equipment or machinery.


Damaged Beams

Beams are an integral part of a pallet racking system. If the beams become damaged then the load capacity can be affected. Damage to beams is typically caused by overloading or collisions. Inspect beams regularly and discover our range of replacement beams here.

As an additional piece of warehouse safety equipment, make use of Locking Safety Pins which are designed to keep beams securely in place so if they’re struck from the underside they won’t dislodge. Keeping you, your employees and your stock safe and secure.  

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