Longspan shelving, also known as longspan racking is the ideal racking system for the storage of hand loaded items in factories, warehouses, workshops and stockrooms. Longspan shelving is available in a wide range of sizes and can be configured to fit into any storage space. It consists of an upright and beam system which are made from high-quality steel. This allows for a high load capacity per shelf to cater for your heavy and bulk storage needs.

Here at RackZone, we know a thing or two about longspan shelving and have put together our top 5 advantages of this shelving solution to help you decide if it’s suitable for your requirements.


1. Strong 

Longspan shelving is made from steel making it very strong. This allows longspan shelves to be moved and repurposed around your location of choice easily while also allowing you to rely on your shelves to hold up to 500kg per shelf.


2. Easily adjustable & flexible

Longspan shelving is flexible and easy to adjust making it a useful storage solution in more compact spaces. With the majority of longspan shelving made boltless rather than nuts and bolts it allows you to modify and customise them to your specific needs. The shelves can be easily reconfigured which is useful for high turnover or where there are multiple stock variations coming in and out. Longspan shelving’s flexibility also means it can be used to hold a variety of products and merchandise of varying sizes and weights. 


3. Easily integrated

The very nature of longspan shelving makes it ideal for being integrated with pre-existing warehouse racking. Longspan shelving can easily work alongside other types of storage solutions to help create an efficient warehouse. It can also be used with other materials to reinforce its structure. The steel shelving can be integrated with wooden walkways or steel gratings to add support and additional functionality to the shelving. The shelving can also have solutions integrated into it based on your storage needs such as a shelf partitioning system which will help to increase pick time and decrease product migration.


4. Durable 

Made of steel, longspan shelving is highly durable and is up to the task of having constant, high volume usage commonly seen in retail settings. Easily maintained thanks to its simplistic nature and heavy duty materials as well as being easy to keep clean make longspan shelving the ideal long-term solution for numerous settings. Its durability means that you won’t need to change it frequently which saves both time and money.


5. Cost effective & affordable 

Finally, longspan shelving is both cost effective and affordable. It has a long history of usage in a variety of sectors and is a storage staple in warehouses and retail facilities worldwide thanks to its numerous benefits. The initial cost of longspan shelving is reasonable when you consider its durability and flexibility. Maintenance costs are low thanks to the shelving’s sturdy construction and if additional shelving is needed this can be easily integrated at a reasonable cost. Longspan shelving maximise your storage space which is at a premium cost to warehouse managers and in turn require little maintenance or worry.



With a variety of sizes available, longspan shelving units are designed to accommodate medium to heavy loads and are a reliable, flexible and cost-effective option not only for industrial use but also for home garages, office storage or archive storage. Longspan shelves can be a highly effective solution for retailers who have budget or space limitations and help to contribute to the overall efficiency in warehouses and retail stores.


Longspan Shelving in Ireland with RackZone

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