Pallet racking systems allow for the creation of functional warehouse storage. They are material handling systems which are ideal for any business that aims to maximise storage space in their warehouse, factory or storage facility. If you’re considering the use of pallet racking in your warehouse, factory or storage facility then there may be a number of questions you have. We have put together a selection of FAQs answered by the experts here at Rackzone to help you understand the key facts about pallet racking systems.

What is pallet racking?

Pallet racking is a material handling system designed to store a range of materials on pallets. The various pallet racking systems available include adjustable pallet racking, cantilever and drive-in racking. All types of pallet racking allow for the storage of materials on pallets in horizontal rows with multiple levels. Typically forklifts are required to place loaded pallets onto the racks.

How does pallet racking work?

In simple terms, pallet racking is a heavy duty set of shelves which allows the storage of goods and materials in horizontal rows over multiple levels. Pallet racking is comprised of a number of key structural elements – load beams, upright frames, braces, pallet supports and decking. The capacity of pallet racking is best utilised through the use of a forklift to move packaged goods and materials on and off the racks.


What is pallet racking used for?

The main purpose of pallet racking is to provide a safe and efficient method of storage for boxed and crated goods or materials in a warehouse type setting


What are the benefits of pallet racking?

Pallet racking allows a warehouse or similar setting to operate efficiently as order processing time is reduced. Goods and materials are more easily located within the facility, maintenance is relatively low, pallet racking can be made to fit your location and there are no real restrictions as to what can be stored on pallet racks as long as they are properly packed and secured and do not exceed the load bearing capacity of the racking.  Pallet racking provides a warehouse with numerous options when it comes to modifying the structure as the shelving can be raised or lowered to accommodate specific load sizes. Any adjustment on levels must first be verified by pallet racking supplier.

Does pallet racking have to be certified?

A common question we often get here at RackZone is whether pallet racking needs to be certified or inspected. The HSA which is the governing body for health and safety in Ireland recommends that racking inspections be performed at least annually by an external expert as well as by technically competent staff. Businesses that do not undertake regular racking inspections are operating contrary to the advice from the Irish government.

How is pallet racking installed?

The installation process of pallet racking must be completed by a competent person under EU law. The installation process must be carried out by qualified individuals. The first installation phase involves the preparation and analysis of the existing infrastructure. The safest and most efficient way to install the chosen type of pallet racking is determined. This is based on flooring suitability and the types of equipment used in the location. Once the go ahead has been given then the construction phase begins.  Construction begins with the frames which are erected from upright beams, braces and base plants. Next, the horizontal racking beams are slotted into place and fastened. The frame is then secured to the floor.  The final step is to lay the decking with the type of decking depending on the specific racking system.

Should pallet racking be bolted to the floor?

Yes. Pallet racking should be installed on a solid, level base that provides support and anchorage for the floor plate and fixings.

How much weight can pallet racking hold?

The load bearing capacity of pallet racking depends on the specific racking system in use. The general guidelines on the safe load limits for pallet racking is based on the maximum load per set of beams. The load bearing capacity is calculated by your pallet frame manufacturer and/or supplier so be sure to check with them before choosing your pallet racking

Where can I buy Pallet Racking?

Here at RackZone we specialise in pallet racking and industrial shelving. We offer a range of new pallet racking systems which have been inspected to ensure products are in excellent structural condition, function properly and appear as described. We aim to give you great products at a great price with exceptional service. Place your orders online or contact us over the phone where our experienced team will be able to advice you on the shelving which will best suit your needs.