Plastic storage boxes refer to heavy-duty storage boxes, usually made from materials such as  polypropylene, or PP plastic. The boxes are usually transparent, but can also come in a variety of different colours and patterns. The boxes are covered with secure, clip-on lids and built-in handles for transporting safely and conveniently. 

What are the best plastic storage boxes?

The best plastic storage boxes will be durable, waterproof and airtight. Some of the most popular types of plastic storage boxes include the Tilt Bins, Pull out drawers, Parts and Eurocontainers.

Can I recycle plastic storage boxes?

Plastic storage boxes cannot be recycled in household recycling bins. Some private companies may be able to recycle the box, however. Because of this, it is best to buy plastic storage boxes made from recycled materials and to reuse these boxes as much as possible.


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Where can I buy storage boxes?

Storage boxes are available here: containers and boxes.

How to organise storage boxes?

Storage boxes can be stored in a variety of different ways, depending on the size and purpose of the box. Many plastic storage boxes are stackable, making it easier to organise and store empty boxes in small spaces. Full storage boxes can be stored using various types of shelving or racking, for both industrial or residential purposes. Plastic storage boxes for residential use can also be conveniently stored underneath beds, in cupboards, in attics or in basements.

What to put in storage boxes?

Storage boxes are completely versatile and can be used to store a wide variety of items. Plastic storage boxes are ideal for storing items that you may not need access to very often, making them perfect for storing in attics or basements. Storage boxes are suitable for storing paper documents or books because of their waterproof propertiesThey are also suitable for storing tools or DIY accessories. As well as these types of items, storage boxes are also useful for storing old clothes, toys, cleaning products and even food.

How to pack storage boxes?

As a general rule, the heavier the item or items, the smaller the box they should be put in. This applies especially to cardboard packing boxes. Stronger containers such as plastic storage boxes, Euro containers or attached lid containers should be used for heavy items, while lighter items such as clothes or bed linen can be stored in weaker, cardboard boxes. When storing boxes on a racking or shelving unit, heavier boxes should always be placed at the bottom of the shelving solution for safety purposes.



What size storage box do I need?

The size of the storage box required will depend on its purpose. Ideally, the items will fit in the box without leaving too much space to spare or without being crushed against the walls of the box. If the boxes are being transported and are carrying particularly fragile items, polystyrene packing chips should be used to fill the rest of the box in order to protect the content from any potential damage. The heavier the content of the box, the smaller the box should be and the more durable the material of the box should be. For example, plastic storage boxes, Euro containers or attached lid containers should be used for larger, heavier items, whereas cardboard boxes can be used for lighter items. 

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