Accessories should not be seen as an afterthought when purchasing racking or shelving. Many accessories are extremely necessary for various racking and shelving solutions, providing increased protection, safety and stability for your storage solution. We’ve put together a list below of our top 5 most useful racking accessories to ensure you get the most out of your racking solutions.


Pallet Rack Decking

Pallet rack decking is utilised for a multitude of reasons. The decking can be used as a resilient support for both heavy-duty applications and for storing smaller items. Pallet rack decking usually comes in two forms; wire mesh or timber slatted decking. Timber slated decking is perfect for supporting damaged pallets, supporting boxed goods and for creating picking levels within standard racking. Wooden pallet racking is also more suited to more fragile and easily damaged tools, in comparison to harsh metal decking, as it provides a softer surface to store these small, light-weight pallets. Wire mesh decking, however, is better for heavier objects and for use in cold, damp environments.

Our timber slatted boards, as seen above, are available in size 1350mm x 900mm and are currently retailing at €10.


Pallet Racking Support Beams

Pallet racking support beams provide added support to pallet racks. The supports drop onto the beams to form the shelf level of a pallet rack storage system.


Our 1100mm pallet racking support beam, as pictured above, currently retails at €5+vat, as does our 900mm support beam.


Upright Protectors

Upright protectors help to reduce damage caused by impact loads. Especially useful for installations with fast-moving or heavy products, upright protectors are essential for the safety and endurance of the racking system. The protectors come in two forms; upright angle protectors and upright flat protectors. The steel rack protectors are floor mounted and freestanding, making them easy to install, remove or re-use when required. These forms of rack protectors are especially common and effective for situations involving forklifts backing into pallet racks, where there’s a chance that the rack could be hit and damaged.




Our single upright angle protector is one of the most popular types of protector, specifically built to protect the most vulnerable part of a rack frame - the base plate and lower leg. The dimensions of the angle protector are 420H x 150W x 330D and currently retail at €35+vat.


Locking Safety Pins

Locking safety pins are designed to keep beams securely in place. In the event that the beam is struck from underneath, a locking safety pin will ensure that the beam does not become dislodged and unstable. Both Sperrin and Link 51 safety pins can be used, depending on what type of racking system is being used. Both pins are easily fitted and offer superb resistance to accidental beam uplift. Safety pins are supplied with all new beams and must always be installed for safety purposes. One safety locking pin must be inserted in each beam end connector.

Our Sperrin locking safety pins, as pictured above, are 15mm in length and are currently retailing at €75+vat for a pack of 50 pins. For further information on what type of locking safety pin you require for your racking system, please give us a call on 090-9673261.



Protector Guards 

Frame protector guards are used to eliminate any mechanical damage to warehouse racking units caused by impacts from material handling equipment. Because the load-bearing capacity of a racking system is reduced whenever there is any damage caused to the structural component of the rack, extra protection should be provided in order to reduce the risk of this occurring. A single or double frame protector will provide substantial protection to your racking solution and will prevent against potentially serious damage to both the racking and its pallets.

Our single frame protector guard, as shown above, will provide excellent protection to your storage system. Our single frame (1200mm) currently retails at €70+vat, while our larger double frame protector (2400mm) retails at €110+vat.


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