Are you looking for some practical storage ideas to keep your home or office neat and tidy? The addition of some simple storage solutions to a home or office can completely transform a cluttered room into a welcoming and organised space. Some key storage solutions such as storage boxes, shelving units and containers can significantly contribute to the functionality of work or living areas, as well as optimising your floor and wall space. We’ve listed some of our top practical storage solutions below to help you to keep your home or workspace as organised and clutter free as possible.


Clear Storage Boxes

The first storage item on our list of must-haves is a simple, clear storage box. These clear storage boxes are extremely versatile and can be used in both a residential or office setting. Available in a variety of different sizes, the containers can store items such as files, textbooks, clothes and toys - to name but a few. Many transparent storage boxes are also stackable, which makes them easy to store away when they are not being used. Storage boxes are suitable for storing paper documents or books because of their waterproof properties, and are also suitable for storing tools or DIY accessories.

RackZone Transparent Storage Boxes

This plastic storage container from is ideal for all home, office and commercial storage needs. They’re durable, sturdy, and you can see exactly what is inside each box. These boxes are sold in packs of ten.


Slatwall Panelling

Slatwall panelling acts as a superb storage solution for homes, garages and sheds. The system is designed to maximise your wall storage capabilities and to organise various household item. Slatwall panelling is typically made out of PVC material and can be used in conjunction with a variety of different accessories in order to store and organise various items, such as tools, sports equipment, bicycles and gardening items. Because slatwall panelling is a wall-based storage solution, this makes it ideal for using in small spaces where storage space may be an issue. In garages where vehicles are taking up the majority of the floor space, for example, slatwall panelling can be used to store tools, bikes and sports equipment on the walls.

RackZone Big Tool Rack

Some of our slatwall accessories here at are specifically designed to organise sports equipment such as golf clubs, tennis rackets, footballs and skis, or garden utensils and tools such as rakes, hoses and drills. This big tool rack shown above from is the perfect storage solution for large tools such as rakes, brushes or shovels. The tool rack is currently retailing at €19.67 (incl. VAT).


Home and Office Shelving

Our final practical storage solution, to suit both homes and office spaces, is a high-quality shelving unit. Shelving units come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are usually made of either steel, metal or wood. For office purposes, shelves are a vital storage solution that can be used to organise your business files, documents and paperwork, while ensuring business efficiency and productivity. Shelving is also an extremely practical storage and organisation solution in residential settings, especially in rooms such as garages, basements and home offices where many items need to be stored and efficiently organised.

This Easy Rack shelving system from (2500h x 1000w x 600d 6 Level) is an ideal shelving option for both homes and commercial work spaces. The bay is made of a robust steel construction, including metal shelving, free access from both sides and safety clips. Easy to assemble in only 10-15 minutes, this shelving option is currently retailing at €244.77 (incl. VAT).


Practical Storage Solutions at

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