Slatwall panelling is the perfect storage solution for using in garages. Where vehicles may be taking up the majority of floor space, slatwall can be used to store items on the walls of the garage, allowing for more floor space. It optimises the room’s storage capacity by utilising wall space, while also acting as a superb organisational method for storing various garden and household items such as tools, sporting equipment and garden accessories. We’ve outlined our top uses for slatwall panelling in garages below to give you some guidance on how best to use this fantastic storage solution.


DIY & Garden Tools

 Garages can be full of various DIY and garden tools, but they can often be stored in an untidy manner where it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for. Using slatwall panelling to store garden tools over transparent storage boxes, for example, means that the items are displayed in a way that makes them much easier to find and organise. Transparent boxes will also take up floor space, so why not utilise your available wall space instead?



This Slatwall Garden Rack from is the perfect storage solution for organising a variety of different garden items such as rakes, shovels, gloves, brushes, trowels and more. Currently retailing at €28.95+vat, this rust-free slatwall accessory is the perfect choice for using in garages and basements.


Sports Equipment & Bicycles

Another great use for slatwall panelling is for storing sports equipment and bicycles. Sporting equipment such as golf clubs, tennis rackets, ice-skates, hurleys, hockey sticks and balls can be efficiently stored on the walls of garages, rather than taking up valuable floor space. These items are often bulky and awkward to store effectively, which makes slatwall panelling a perfect storage solution for them. Bicycles can also be stored using slatwall panelling, which both frees up floor space and displays your bikes in an organised manner.



The Slatwall Sports Rack from is a great all-round choice for storing a wide range of sports equipment. Retailing at €26.50+vat, this accessory is perfect for storing anything from rugby balls to tennis rackets.


Small Garage & Household Items

Our final storage idea for using with slatwall panelling is for small household and garage items. A great slatwall accessory is slatwall baskets which can be easily inserted into the panelling to provide a great storage solution for smaller household items such as cleaning products, DIY supplies or car or bicycle accessories. Using slatwall baskets instead of boxes will help you to find what you’re looking for much more efficiently than searching through unorganised boxes or containers. The baskets are also available in a variety of different sizes to suit your needs.



This Slatwall Big Basket from is a superb, versatile choice to use as a garage storage solution. This basket, currently retailing at €14.99+vat, is easy to assemble and maintain and is rust-resistant.


Slatwall Panelling at

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