The importance of a well-functioning warehouse for any business cannot be understated. Warehouse safety and cleanliness should be a top priority amongst warehouse managers and staff to ensure that certain standards are met and that the warehouse and its workers are working as efficiently as possible. Imposing a list of appropriate safety procedures and precautions is absolutely essential in making sure that all employees and visitors to the warehouse are kept safe. Cleaning standards should also be held to a high regard in warehouses to reduce the risk of accidents, to protect the stock and to keep the working environment as clean and hygienic as possible. We have outlined a list of our most important preventative measures which can be taken to improve the overall safety and cleanliness of your warehouse below.


Stick to a regular cleaning schedule

A regular cleaning schedule should be in place in all warehouses. This is an essential aspect of warehouse maintenance and should be followed and adhered to by all employees. Warehouses are generally large, open spaces which can be built. The floor should be cleaned and shelves and small storage areas should be properly cleaned and dusted on a monthly basis.

Having a check-list in place for different cleaning procedures can help to divide up cleaning tasks efficiently and helps to keep track of which tasks have been completed. Any spills or breaks should also be reported, as well as properly and quickly cleaned up.


Use appropriate safety equipment and follow safety procedures

Ensuring that the appropriate safety tools and equipment are used in a warehouse is absolutely crucial. No short cuts should be taken when it comes to lifting heavy items and machinery such as forklifts or hydraulic dollies should be used when necessary. Appropriate eyewear and hard hats should also be used as a precautionary measure when required. All employees should be made aware of their nearest emergency exits at all times and these doors should never be blocked. Although following these procedures may be time-consuming, it is important to strictly adhere to them in order to prevent any potentially serious injuries or incidents.


Make use of floor labelling

Floor labelling should be an essential part of every warehouse. It is used to designate sectors of the warehouse to certain activities and for easily identifying stock. When a proper record is kept of the location of all items, it will be much easily to load and reload stock, while minimising the room for any errors. Floor labelling will save a huge amount of time, especially for new employees or employees working in an unfamiliar area of the warehouse. It is also important to organise the stock in the most efficient way possible. In-demand stock should be organised to maximum picking efficiency.


Use the necessary racking accessories for safety purposes

There are a few essential racking accessories that should be used with all warehouse racking for safety purposes. Upright protectors help to reduce damage caused by impact loads. Especially useful for installations with fast-moving or heavy products, upright protectors are essential for the safety and endurance of the entire racking system. Steel rack protectors are especially common and effective for situations involving forklifts backing into pallet racks, where there’s a chance that the rack could be hit and damaged.

Locking safety pins are also an important safety feature for pallet racking. The pins are designed to keep beams securely in place, and in the event that the beam is struck from underneath, the locking safety pin will ensure that the beam does not become dislodged and unstable. Safety pins are supplied with all new beams and must always be installed for safety purposes.

Frame protector guards are used to eliminate any mechanical damage to warehouse racking units caused by impacts from material handling equipment. Because the load-bearing capacity of a racking system is reduced whenever there is any damage caused to the structural component of the rack, extra protection should be provided in order to reduce the risk of this occurring. A single or double frame protector will provide substantial protection to your racking solution and will prevent against potentially serious damage to both the racking and its pallets.


How RackZone can help

RackZone can help you in creating a safe and efficient working environment. The essential racking accessories listed above can all be found on our website. Should you require further assistance with your storage requirements, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our dedicated team at +353 (0)90 9673261 or [email protected]