Tilt bins are a fantastic way to keep small parts organised and easily identifiable. These storage solutions usually consist of multiple transparent compartments fitted into a larger frame, which can then be mounted onto a wall, stacked or used individually. There are a variety of different benefits to using tilt bins for both industrial and household use, which we’ll look into further in this article.



Industrial shelving and storage containers will help you to organise the larger items in your warehouse. But what happens with smaller parts and components? Tilt bins serve as a great organisational method for storing small items such as screws, cable ties and even name tags for retail environments. Each type of item can be stored separately in its own compartment, making them easy to organise and access. The bins can also be taken out fully in order to restock or clean each compartment. The transparent compartments also make your items easy to find and access when needed. Labels can also be placed on each compartment to make the items even easier to find and identify.



Tilt bins are a great option for smaller spaces with storage restrictions. The compartments can be stacked on top of one another and can even be mounted to the wall for added security. Rather than having a large number of storage boxes scattered around an area, tilt bins provide a compact, organised storage solution that will leave room for additional floor space that may need to be used for other purposes. Because the compartments come in a variety of sizes, no space is wasted when it comes to storing small items in an inappropriately sized compartment.



Tilt bins also offer great protection to smaller items from environmental factors such as moisture or dust, which can cause damage to the items stored inside. The transparent, plastic compartments will protect these small items from the elements and ensure that they remain in good quality for as long as possible.



Tilt bins aren’t exclusive to industrial warehouse environments - they can also be used as a great display solution for retail settings. Hardware shops, arts and crafts stores and supermarkets have also been known to use tilt bins to store and display loose items. The compartments can be arranged in different ways to suit the requirements of the store and for visual merchandising purposes. They can even be painted and decorated in any way you like!

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