Warehouses are busy places with numerous health and safety considerations to bear in mind daily. In this blog we take a look at 5 of the most important warehouse health and safety tips that you should give to your new employees. 

1. Keep the warehouse floor clean

Although this may sound like basic advice it forms one of the most important health and safety rules - cleanliness. Keeping a clean and tidy floor prevents slips and falls which are the most common cause of injuries. When things get busy, cleanliness can quickly be forgotten, so it’s important to appoint people on the floor during each shift to keep track of regular cleanups. When new employees start, advise them of who is in charge of cleanliness for each shift and educate them on disposal of boxes, emptying of bins and areas of the floor that must be kept clear at all times for ease of movement. Making a warehouse inspection checklist which must be recorded in twice to three times daily by the appointed staff member is also a great way to ensure the warehouse is kept clean. Once your new employee is up to speed with the processes, appointing them as accountable for this task will help to further drive home the importance of cleanliness.

2. PPE

Personal protective equipment including steel-capped boots, hard hats, high-vis jackets, gloves and safety goggles are extremely important items for all warehouse workers to have. Educating your new employees on the importance of these and where specific PPE is needed throughout the warehouse will ensure injuries are minimised and workers are protected and visible at all times. If for any reason an employee is not wearing their specific PPE then it’s important to reiterate they must stay within the walking zones clearly laid out in the warehouse to prevent injury.

3. Weight limitations

Overstacking of shelves beyond their weight capacity is a serious health and safety concern. It is essential to educate your new employee on how much weight your warehouse racks can support as well as educating them on effective distribution. This is vital to preventing workers from getting injured from falling objects as well as items getting damaged. Providing a handbook or clear signage on your shelves with the weight limitations will help to reinforce this message not just to new employees but to all employees who can get complacent over time. 

4. Vehicle safety

Warehouses are busy, hubs of activity with numerous vehicles including forklifts and lift trucks operating on a daily basis. Vehicle safety is essential to preventing crashes, injuries and damage to stock. Whether your new employee will be operating machinery or not it’s still vital that they understand rules around speed limits, driving zones, avoidance of reversing where possible and awareness of blind spots.


5. Escalation of health and safety concerns

When new employees begin it can be difficult for them to get their head around everyone's role and the processes and procedures involved in reporting a potential health and safety concern or breach. Clearly communicate with your new employee who the point of contact is for health and safety concerns within the warehouse to ensure any issues are reported in a timely and efficient manner.


We hope that our 5 warehouse health and safety tips for new employees have helped you to demystify the detailed world of health and safety in a warehouse. Here at RackZone, we can provide you with all the necessary storage solutions to help ensure your warehouse is organised and safe as possible. For further information on any of our great products please do not hesitate to contact us on +353 (0)90 9673261 or email us at [email protected].