Your storage system is an integral piece of your business and pallet rack uprights and beams are in constant danger of impact from forklifts and other material handling equipment. Even if merchandise is unharmed during a collision, a bent rack is a recipe for disaster. Pallet racking safety equipment can quickly pay for itself by deflecting the majority of impacts. There are a number of pallet racking safety accessories and components that have been designed specifically to help protect your system from damage, maintain its integrity in the event of an accident and keep personnel safe from harm. Here are 6 effective ways in which you can protect your pallet racking system for optimum efficiency and safety. 

1. Know your pallet rack capacities and post them clearly

Never load a pallet rack over its indicated limits because doing so could result in a collapse. Your employees will know exactly how much weight the system can safely support when loading and unloading if you post the maximum capacities per pallet or beam level. It’s vital to do this for the safety of your employees and inventory as well as to increase the longevity of your pallet racking systems.

2. Use pallet rack protectors

Collisions involving forklifts are still a huge risk even if your employees are highly trained. Pallet racks will be protected from collisions by post and upright protectors. You can also utilise guard rails and end-of-aisle rack protectors. Steel guard rails come in a variety of sizes and create a strong, highly-visible barrier around your pallet racks. Warehouse guard rails bolt to the floor and are basically the same as what you would use to corner off an office or protect a production line. End-of-aisle frame guards are another great option to protect your pallet racking. They only stick up about 5” off the ground, but are painted caution yellow so they're hard to miss. The advantage of floor-mounted guards is that they wrap around the entire racking frame and protect the front column.

3. Inspect your rack regularly for damage

Regularly inspecting your pallet racking systems could save you a lot of money in the future. If you continue to put inventory on a damaged pallet rack, there's a chance that the system could collapse and you'll lose or damage your items. Such malfunctions can also threaten the health and safety of your staff which can lead to fatal injury and costly lawsuits. 

4. Repair or replace damaged racks

In keeping with advice number point three, you should replace or repair any damaged parts of your pallet rack system right away. Unloading and reloading your goods may seem like a pain, but it is not as bad as experiencing a complete collapse.  In some circumstances, your rack can be fixed without having to be unloaded.

5. Load and unload the pallets properly

Make sure your forklift operators are properly trained in safety procedures and that the load is placed squarely on the rack. Loads that are distributed evenly will extend the life of your beams and reduce the possibility of pallets dropping or being knocked off.

6. Effectively train employees

Lastly, training is a key component when preventing any accidents or damage in the warehouse, here are a few topics you should cover when providing training to your employees in order to prevent damage to your pallet racking: 

- Enroll your employees on a rack safety awareness training course to ensure that your warehouse operatives understand the basics of pallet racking and taking care of it.

- Unreported damage is dangerous. Encourage anyone who damages pallet racking to report it immediately, avoiding disciplinary measures increases the chances of employees informing management when they make a mistake.

- Brief employees on max weight loads of all pallet racking shelving they will be working with. You can purchase shelving weight load notices to remind them.

- Ensure proper forklift training is given to those who require it.

- Provide your employees with relevant PPE (personal protective equipment) when on the job.

- Maximum speed limits should be set and enforced whilst in the warehouse.

- Implement adequate rack loading and unloading procedures


Faulty and damaged pallet racking is not an issue to ignore, not only can a racking collapse cause loss of revenue, but it can also lead to serious accidents and injury to your workforce. Taking steps to protect your pallet racking can significantly decrease risk exposure as well as increase the longevity of your racking systems. Check out our pallet racking FAQs for more general queries. If you feel like your pallet racking systems are in need of an upgrade check out what we can offer you here at RackZone! If you would like further information on any of our products please do not hesitate to contact us on +353 (0)90 9673261 or email us at [email protected].